p: zevran

My 14 year old brother talking about Dragon Age
  • Brother: There's this guy called Zevran and he's really sort of persuasive and he will literally shag anyone.
  • Me: Anyone?
  • Brother: Yeah, cos he's like really charming, whether you're a bloke or a woman or whatever- he like takes people off to his tent...
  • Me: And you would know that how?
  • Brother:
  • Brother:
  • Brother: He was very persuasive.

Giving Zevran the move feign death was probably the worst idea ever gameplay wise. But also hilarious for me because all this motherfucker did was troll my poor Warden.

One time he even fainted the entire high dragon fight and then as soon as Agaleca widdled down its health he stole the finishing move. SNEAKY ANTIVAN BASTARD, YOU STOLE HIS KILL. Not pleased. 

Anyways, enjoy. I wonder if this happens to other people aha.