p: zaynie

Ok. The real worst part about this whole scene is this dumb gif. It’s not the hug… It’s how Zayn cups the back of Liam’s head. At first it doesn’t seem important but if you look at it Liam’s head lingers… Like he’s waiting for a kiss. BECAUSE OF COUSE HE WOULD! I’m sure Zayn always kisses him goodbye and it was instinctual. But they were being filmed so Zayn puts his hand on the back of Liam’s head to tell him they can’t. You can see Liam realize and turn his head away. and that there is the worst part about the airport scene.

One year ago today I was a very nice mother… I took my daugther to her first concert ever. And because I’m such a nice one I went with her and a friend. We had no tickets until afternoon but I managed to get some VIP’s… and since I’m a smoker I needed to go out to smoke. The smoking lounge happened to be right over the backstage area, so I was a hell of surprised when I saw the guys wandering around there. I then went back to our suite to pick my camera and tell the girls. I never saw my daughter running sooo fast ;) We had a lot of fun out there since there were only a few fans. Security tried to blend us with laser pointers every time I held my camera to my face… so I took a few shoots from my belly :P.  So in memory of a very stressy but then emotional day I wanted to share this picture with you. Lots of love *knuddels* <3333