p: zaynie

can u just imagine…. actually i CAN imagine, all too clearly… zayn bopping around some university campus with his headphones in listening to his new album, making mental notes about what he wants to change or add…… showing up to class every few weeks with a different color hairstyle and his professors being so unimpressed™ bc he keeps freakigng turning his papers in late but he’s a good student so they just roll their eyes but they SWEAR if he uses up all of his skips in class “he is going to be kicked out and he can go sing about it”…. oh oh oh! and zayn making friends???? like?? non-industry friends??????? non music/band friends????? art majors, business majors, science majors & smoking with his buddies??? his lil hands wrapped around the straps :( of :( his :( backpack :( (because he is definitely Not a messenger bag kind of guy) likeekfjigjfkgjfijfflfjirgjgdkd im literally crying this is the best thing i’ve thought about in my entire life i’m blessed