p: yuri

Before she moved in

“Hey,” You said into her phone, “I’m in front of the building now. I’ll wait outside, okay?”

“No, no,” Riko said, “come up. Just for a moment.”

You was here to pick her up for their date, so she paused. Wouldn’t it take longer if she walked upstairs to Riko’s apartment? “Do you need me for something?”

“Kind of.” Riko’s tone sounded familiar. It usually accompanied teasing, which… You kind of loved. 

You gave up and entered when the door opened. She took two steps at a time on her way to the third floor. Her heart pounded, but only in part because of this exercise – she’d been looking forward to this date all week. You knocked on the door and Riko opened immediately. She wore a white blouse and a long, pink skirt with a flower pattern. You had trouble breathing for a second.  

“That was fast,” Riko said. “Come inside.”

“Yeah, haha, well…”

Cutting You short, Riko grabbed You’s hand and pulled her into Riko’s apartment. After a swift kick to close the door, Riko pushed You against the wall and held her face in both hands.

Before You could figure out what was up, Riko kissed her. Gentle, yet impatient, it felt like an I-missed-you-so-much kiss. The sound of Riko’s breath, the softness of her lips, the warmth of her hands, became too much for You to just stand there, but the moment she got into it, closed her eyes, and tried to hold onto Riko, she was back at the door.

“Okay, now we can go.”

“W-wait, wait a moment,” You stammered. “You can’t just… I mean… Let’s stay for a bit…?”

Riko smiled at her and You felt like a defenseless puppy. “We have plans for today, don’t we?”

You’s heart sank a little. Getting her all worked up and then… But they did actually have things like tickets and reservations. “O-okay!”

You wouldn’t be able to wait for another kiss until they were back. As Riko locked the door behind them, You clenched her fist. This time she would make it happen! Riko wasn’t the only one who could kiss! Full steam ahead!

Riko sneakily took You’s hand, and You’s legs already wobbled.