p: you make me smile

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You jerked out of your sleep as a horde of baby chicks were released onto your previously-sleeping body. “Thomas!” You squealed. 

The chicks tickled you with their little feet, peeping as they raced all over the living room as you, Thomas, and Leo burst into giggles. 

I know we didn’t work out and I know we never will but the way you say my name, it’s like they are the first words you ever learned.

You say my name as if its such a common part of your vocabulary, something you use so often, something you have to use to say the important things.
That’s the way you say my name.

And everytime you say it, you make me feel like I’m the only thing that matters to you.
I know that’s false like it should be but oh god, A, why must we not work out?