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hi!!! ^^ how would suju react to you shyly confessing your love to them??

Leeteuk: [bursting with joy]

Heechul: Of course you love me, who doesn’t?

Hangeng: [can’t contain himself]

Yesung: [speechless]

Kangin: [shy]

Shindong: [overjoyed]

Sungmin: How did I get so lucky?

Eunhyuk: $!@!^$@@!#$@!$@^

Zhoumi: I wanted to tell you first.

Donghae: [giggles happily]

Siwon: I like you too.

Ryeowook: I was just going to confess to you! 

Kibum: Me? Really?

Kyuhyun: I too–I mean me like–I mean you–I mean–

Henry: So I guess that means you’re mine now, right?