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If anyone is interested and needed confirmation that Colin Morgan is a very lovely person, my brother’s fiancée worked in wardrobe on both Merlin and The Living and the Dead and said that Colin Morgan is a very lovely person and if the crew says it then you know it’s really true. You’re welcome.


Jehan talks politics in Harry Potter form, because that’s our leader in red’s fandom of choice (as revealed in this vlog)

Jehan’s vlog can be viewed on the group’s channel and his personal channel


At the first or even fifth glance, the top photo appears to be four individual shots, when in fact it is one big optical illusion. The single shot (on top) appears so due to the strategically places lines. 

The photo was taken for the cover of VLP’s latest release “Terrain.” The bottom photo is taken from a different angle. 

Dead Inside
The Ludovico Technique Vs The Vampire Lust Parade

The first new material from VLP in almost 10 years. Its un mastered though (by request from the artist) So hopefully you will hear it in all its studio magic glory. If not well, here it is anyway. Enjoy.  Oh before I go please be sure to support

The Ludovico Technique by buying their new cd

“Some Things Are Beyond Therapy” good stuff and Ben V is a cool cat.   -Lain