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Jenny/Vastra Fairytale AU headcanons?

So I have no idea if you’re asking for some or asking if you can give me some, but I’m going to assume the former. Okay. 

My immediate instinct is Beauty and the Beast AU. 

  • Vastra is the proud royal who gets cursed for being rude to the mysterious stranger, cursed to look all scaly (aka her usual self)
  • Jenny is the girl sick of her stupid village where they treat her like an idiot and don’t believe that a girl can fight, so she runs away and ends up at the Enchanted Castle
  • Vastra is standoffish and Jenny defiant so of course they don’t get along at first and there’s a lot of glaring and hissing 
  • Vastra complains to her now rather disfigured butler Strax about the gall of this girl and why couldn’t any half decent warrior with a brain turn up so she could fall in love with her
  • but then one day
  • oh boy one day Vastra and Jenny get into an argument and Vastra tries to grab her shoulder or something and next thing she knows she’s on her back because Jenny flipped her
  • that’s all she needs to realise how damn wrong she is, she looks up at this smirking brunette who looks really proud of herself and oh fuck i’m in love oops
  • Vastra starts changing her tune and Jenny starts to realise she’s not awful, and then the flirting starts
  • so much flirting
  • it’s not all dramatic like in the movie, one day they just look at each other and smile and BAM the curse breaks and they live happily ever after
  • (you decide if Vastra turns back to a human or if she stays scaly as we know and love her in a Shrek-esque scenario somehow)

I am severely disappointed by the lack of multichapter fics about how Vastra and Jenny met and discovered each other’s secrets and fell in love and confessed their love and had sex on the kitchen table for the first time.

Get your shit together, fandom. 



age: utp
occupation: owner of Madame Vastra’s Tea Emporium
romantic/sexual orientation: utp


♦ Madame Vastra is a woman of many talents. She’s creative and clever, and can multitask to boot. Which is exactly why she’s decided to open up a cafe across the way from Coal Hill and keep it as a base for operations during its after hours. Her wife, Jenny, works with her and doubles as a barista so that she can keep an eye on things when Vastra can’t. Not because she’s unable to, but she recognises that folks wouldn’t know what to do if they actually saw her. Still, she knows something is going on and with the return of the Doctor she’s bound to get to the bottom of it.

♦ fact.
♦ fact.
♦ fact.



♢ connection.
♢ connection.
♢ connection.