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guys, guys, look at this, our smol Harley Keener (Ty Simpkins) is not smol anymore - he’s gotten so much bigger and taller and I swear his voice dropped even lower than Tom Holland’s (who’s in his 20s) and Ty is only like 16!

Tony is gonna see Harley like this and have a heart attack, we really need Harley back in the MCU again

So as we know Marvel recently today had a big photoshoot with so many MCU actors, including GotG’s Vin Diesel. And look who just posted a picture with Vin:

That’s right Mr Harley Keener himself!


Harley Keener - arrested by Tony Stark for:

  • Being so smart
  • Burning people’s eyebrows off
  • Guilt Tripping People
  • Having Puppy Dog Eyes

“Mr. Stark?” Harley asks when he enters the workshop. Tony sighs, because how often does he have to explain to Harley that it’s Tony.

“Harley my favorite child. Hold this.” Tony says and gives Harley the black board. Of course Harley needs to be on his wall, too.

“Uhm?” Harley looks a bit overwhelmed, but takes the board anyway.

“Smile.” Tony says and a second later he has his picture. Harley looks at the board and laughs.

“So you think i’m smart?” He asks and glows, so proud is he of himself. Tony grins and then ruffles Harley’s hair.

“Course i do. Sometimes i even think you are smarter than me.” Tony grumbles, but Harley knows how he means it. Tony is incredible proud of Harley and maybe he should say that more often.

“And… i’m sorry for burning your eyebrows off.” Harley says grinning and Tony knows he is not sorry at all. It was in an experiment and Tony was just as surprised as Harley was, when the fire burned his eyebrows off.

“It’s alright. I mean they are back now and i looked stunning even without him.” Tony replies and then looks back at Harley.

“But i’m not guilt tripping people.” Harley answers and Tony laughs.

“Oh yes you do. All the time. But it’s alright and…” Tony stops. God why can’t he say it. Harley seems to know what he wanted to say and uses his damn puppy dog eyes.

Tony groans.

“Go away.” Tony says and Harley laughs, but goes to the door for real. Tony looks after him and smiles.

“And Harley? I’m proud of you. I hope you know that.” Tony says.

Harley smiles warms his heart for the rest of the day.

This drawing is for my very own Harley Keener @auradonfairy​ ♥

Every drawing of this series will be tagged as ‘why tony arrested his friends’. If you want to see a character, send me an ask :3