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Middle Earth Midrash: A Jewish Exploration of The Hobbit

Last year I wrote “Middle-Earth Midrash,” a four-piece essay on Jewish themes in The Hobbit (the book, with some reference to the movie) — not just “OMG the Dwarves are Jews” (which they are), but exploring more deeply what we might learn as Jews from The Hobbit. Thought I would repost it here now that the third movie’s out. Enjoy!

Part One: the Dwarves and the Jews
“Doesn’t the quest to reclaim the ancestral Dwarvish homeland remind you of something? A once-proud people wandering as exiles across a hostile diaspora? And how about their Hebrew-sounding language?… Note: I am not suggesting that The Hobbit is *meant* to convey this or that Jewish idea; rather, in reading The Hobbit I am reminded of such and such an idea and thus apply the lessons to my understanding of the world.”

Part Two: Greed, Goodness, and Learning to Grow
“This theme runs throughout Tolkien’s writing: a warning not to be led astray by our desire for personal gain, and not to value wealth over relationships — a trap not only for Dwarves, but dragons, goblins, Men, and even Elves… We cannot save ourselves with money or possessions; neither gold nor jewels will protect us from hurt. But the community we build around us, and the courageous steps we take in reaching out to those different than us, can indeed show us the way to a better world.”

Part Three: Valour, Victory, and the Great Battle
“The epic battle that one might expect to be the climax of the narrative, the great Battle of the Five Armies, is summarized in a mere five pages; the story of The Hobbit is ultimately about a different kind of fight… Tolkien knew, as we’re reminded by the old author of Qohelet [Ecclesiastes 9:11], that “the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.” We achieve heroic status by our self-liberation from circumstance, by our victories not on the fields of war but against our own selves.”

Part Four: Smallness, Significance, and Finding Balance
“Throughout Tolkien, great deliverance often comes from characters who seem (or are perceived to be) small and insignificant… The ending of The Hobbit thus carries a simple and crucial message: we can make a better world — in fact, in every moment and every choice we have the opportunity to move a little closer.”

I hesitated over making this recs list for awhile now because I’m not sure I actually consider myself a shipper of this pairing or if I just like the friendship. I mean, I like all the friendships from the Fellowship! But rewatching the LotR movies last year kind of kicked my Aragorn/Legolas semi-shipper back into gear, then… with the end of BOTFA… well. At the same time, I have a difficult time shipping Legolas with mortal characters because it just seems like it’d end in heartbreak with the whole “elves mate for life” thing! And yet… the heart wants what it wants.  Sometimes.  This is my “I’m not sure I’m in this fandom, but here are some of the good fics I’ve found” list and I refuse to be given shit about it. ;)

The Question by eyebrowofdoom, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 3.2k
    Elves, you know? They’re hundreds or even thousands of years old. They sleep with their eyes open, *if* they sleep – frequently they just stand around all night, still and straight, waiting for the sodding humans to wake up and get on with it. They’re just bloody weird, really. Aragorn, travelling with Legolas, is reminded all over again.
The Sun In His Hands by JastaElf, light aragorn/legolas + implied aragorn/arwen, 4.8k
    Near the end of Aragorn’s life he spends a rainy afternoon with Legolas, discussing the past, sealonging, & love…
Night and Day by ELG, aragorn/legolas + eomer + mentions of canon pairings, NSFW, 11.9k
    A meeting with Éomer and the apparent death of Aragorn make both Aragorn and Legolas re-examine their feelings for one another.
This Mortal Joy by lightgetsin, aragorn/legolas + fellowship, 2.6k
    The ring calls to Aragorn, but not for the reasons he had expected.
How to Save Your Marriage by eleveninches, aragorn/legolas + aragorn/arwen breakup, humor, 4.4k
    Aragorn needs an heir. Arwen wants to go home. Legolas is just there for the free food.
The Birth by elceri, aragorn/legolas + implied aragorn/legolas/arwen + gimli, pregnant!legolas, 4.1k
    Aragorn greets the birth of his first child with trepidation and doubt, but Gimli helps restore his faith in Legolas, himself, and their future.
Aphrodisiac by Erandir, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 2.8k
    What exactly did they put in Legolas’ wine? Aragorn is about to find, and out in the most unlikely way.
Until We Meet Again by iiiionly (Tanis), aragorn/legolas pre-slash, 4.3k
    The elf knew, long before the trees of Ithilien began gossiping among themselves, of the king’s coming.
In Between by edibleflowers, aragorn/legolas, NSFW, 2.2k
    After the battle, before the war: a moment’s rest
Curiosity Caught the Elf by TheBraveButShrinkingViolet, aragorn/legolas, 4.5k
    A young Legolas Thrandulion encounters Aragorn in the forests of Mirkwood and can’t contain his wonder at the dark scruff which covers the ranger’s jaw…

full details + recs under the cut!

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The Banner-bearer and the herald of Manwë, 
I did the upper one a few weeks ago and i kinda liked it so i might as well post it.
I always imagined him about a head taller than Manwë (about 11 feet tall??), always standing next to him like a body guard or something :3
that’s manwe in the bottom btw


Cards Against Arda - White Cards

theschnark asked: “Could you please make a post of what is written on each ‘Cards against Arda’ card when you are finished with it? Thank you for reading.”


I’m done with all the blank white cards I have available so I will post those now, and the black prompt ones when I finish (I’ve borrowed liberally from this source but added a few custom ones of my own. If I acquire more blank cards I’ll try to include more):

- Hanging around on a mountain
- Possibly racist fantasy descriptions
- Words you can’t pronounce
- Family drama
- A Kinslaying or two
- Angbang
- The Forest of Dubious Consent
- A baby balrog
- “They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!”
- Accidentally sleeping with your sister
- Swearing a terrible oath
- Fëanor’s family jewels
- Celebrimbor banner
- The House of Bëor
- A Tolkien scholar
- The survival rate of High Kings of the Noldor
- Slamming the door in the face of the Dark Lord
- The Valar’s noninterference policy
- Beleg’s strongbow
- Setting ships on fire
- Yavanna is a hippie
- Where the fuck did hobbits come from?
- Murdered for your jewelry
- Killing your best friend on accident
- Túrin: the boyfriend from hell.
- Hubris
- Lúthien’s Rapunzel complex
- Tauriel getting eaten by giant spiders
- Canon inconsistencies
- Selling your house to the Sackville-Bagginses
- Saruman of many colours
- Terrible things happening to twins
- Barrel-riding
- The full list of Aragorn’s lineage
- Trying to take the Ring
- Whether balrogs have wings
- Aggressive shippers
- Bringing only a harp to rescue your cousin from Morgoth
- Galadriel’s hair
- Sold my soul to Melkor
- Looking into a palantir
- Blowing the Horn of Gondor
- Fuck the Valar
- Not giving a shit about the race of Men
- Varda drawing dicks in the sky
- Being turned into a Ringwraith
- Realizing you’re related
- Free armor at Nevrast
- Phallic towers.
- Dying because you didn’t listen to Elrond
- Losing the Entwives
- Fëanor’s libido
- Blatant violations of canon
- Being rescued by eagles
- Stephen Colbert
- Morgoth interfereing with your family’s well being
- Dwarves delving too greedily and too deep
- “Meat’s back on the menu, boys!”
- “The hills are alive, WITH THE SOUND OF YELLING”
- Morgoth never using boats
- Thangorodrim
- Choosing mortality
- Celestial objects with benefits
- Morgoth’s experiments on elves
- Amputees
- Marrying your cousin for the throne
- 900 mile road trip with Gollum
- Multiplying after the manner of the children of Ilúvatar
- Pro-Eöl arguments
- Giant motherfucking spiders
- The Silmarillion according to TV Tropes
- The Not-So-Hidden City
- Being a dick to trees
- Elven names that begin with 'F’
- Needing an index to read the book
- Manwë sneezing
- Fëanor making shit
- Eru sinking your island
- Poorly timed Aqualondë jokes
- Being thrust through the Door of Night

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