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Question: About the Jikook Video, I have a question. Is there any evidence of the same sort for OTHER ships that completely denies Jikook? Or is there like evidence that denies Jikook in general? This is not comparing ships but falsification (you can google Karl Popper if you don't know what it is), because the evidence shook me too but I can't help but be skeptical ;p I just want to know for sure haha.

Thank you for this question! I never really thought about this before.

I’ll start off by saying, I only ever really look at Jikook moments as romantic, so even if there are some moments from other ships that might “deny” Jikook, I don’t see them that way. Jikook is the only ship I have ever actually thought might be romantic and that I am this invested in, so I am a little biased.

There are some moments from Yoon/min that could be perceived as romantic, especially the one on Yoongi’s birthday last year where Jimin said “you know” in reply to Yoongi’s question of what he got him. This made the Yoon/min fandom blow up because Yoongi replied “I know”, and it was really sweet and cute.

There’s also a few V/min and Tae/kook moments, like when there were reports (just recently) of Jimin sitting on Tae’s lap and the two of them tickling each others chins. Or how practically everyone in the fandom is convinced Tae/kook is real because they slept next to each other in a behind the scenes photo on Bon Voyage.

But after all these moments from other ships, I still think Jikook are the most realistic. It’s not in-your-face moments where they proclaim their love, it’s moments where you have to glance again and again to see what’s really happening.

Like the recent twitter video, where it sounds like Jungkook blows a kiss at Jimin and then says “My mo- my mochi.” in a soft, loving voice. It’s like the video I just analyzed where it seems almost too obvious Jimin is in that room (seriously I know for a fact that was Jimin’s voice saying “you scared me” and “pardon”). Or in 2015 during a birthday (I think Rap Mon’s) vlive where Jungkook rested his head on Jimin’s shoulder and Jimin had not-so-subtly widened his eyes and moved his head to get Jungkook off him (Jungkook glanced at the camera and took a whole step back, like BOY). It’s like at the 2015 mama awards where Tae said that Jimin was hanging out with Jungkook and then a year later its shown they were alone in a hotel room, and Jungkook was shirtless under his jacket (plus Jimin’s voice was raspy af).

I may be seeing things through only one point of view, but I truly do think the evidence for Jikook is just too real.

there is no systematic oppression of asexual people. there is stigma. identifying as ace is not devoid of its challenges but literally none of them are comparable to those faced by sga or trans people in the grand scheme of things, and thus ace people will never need the resources that g/b/p and trans people have spent decades building for themselves. 

be as proud ace as you want but when you want to move into a political house that was built on the bodies of gay people the government killed don’t be surprised that theres backlash


Atashi to anata no hoppeta wo surisuri
Shita nara mou tomodachi
Itsu datte issho da yo!
Anata no koto mamotte ageru!

Squishy and me nuzzling cheeks.
Best friends forever. We’re so happy.
I promise I’ll never leave Squishy.
Sweet, little Squishy. Here’s my song for you.
I’ll never leave Squishy.
My sweet Squishy. That’s you!