p: that question makes me snicker

Sakamaki: lingerie shopping. Requested by Anon.

The two of you looked through Victoria’s Secret, picking up anything that suited your fancy.
All the while there was always a present blush upon your chest. Maybe from sexual excitement or embarrassment. Perhaps both, Anyhow it was more than amusing to watch you blush and squirm as the helped you pick out lingerie for later nights activities.

“Heh that look. Hmm~ I wonder what you would look like making that face wearing this.” As he held up a white little number to your figure.
“Shuu, I think you might be right. Add it to the pile.” You smirked, despite your blushing cheeks.
“Lewd woman.” Shuu chuckled as he sat it aside.
“You know it, and you love it.” With that you picked up a dark blue one that would be such a tease for the male.
This blush was from more of less excitement for later.

“Honestly must I be here?” Reiji sighed as he pushed up his glasses.
“Yes! You never seem to like the others I picked out as much so you pick out something.” You told him.
“Fine so be it.” He pushed up his glasses and scared the store, taking his time to find sown thing that would suit you perfectly. And often holding up the lingerie up to you. “I do believe you are blushing from embarrassment. That seems to be a suitable punishment for dragging me here.”

“Oi princess are you wanting to reward Yours Truly tonight?” He smirked, as you chose to mess with him.
“Nope.” You popped you p, as his jaw dropped.
“H-get why not!” He pouted, then growled as you snickered. “Tch I’ll have to punish you for that.” Causing your cheek to turn pink from embarrassment as you gained a questioning look from the ladies next to you.

“Doll are you trying to tempt me?” Kanato whispered as he licked the outer shell of your ear.
Making chills run up your spine as you trembled every so slightly.
“Get this one and I’ll reward you greatly for it.” He purred, holding a little black and frilly lace little number that would fit his doll like adorations.

“Laito-Kun you seem to know more about this than I do!” You huffed irked as he seems to be a regular that. He knew the workers by name and was asking how their kids were doing. Just chatting with everyone without a single blush. Which cause a blush if your own as you got flustered.
“Fufu~ you should know get this it would fit your body later. Hmm, the way this will make your legs look in getting excited just thinking about it.”

He was blushing heavily as he looked around and tried to avoid contact with others. It was the perfect time to tease him.
“Oh Subaru~” you purred making the albino look at you,
“Subaru what would you do to me if I wore this tonight?” You held a rose red lacy number which was sexy and elegant.
“T-tch! Call me when your done!” He huffed flustered as he marched out the store.