p: tellis

ahhhh, oh my god, okay it’s finally done…! This is my ridiculously belated birthday gift to my super patient boyfriend, jesterfrog! Happy Ridiculously Belated Birthday!!! It’s his original charcater, Tellis! Or at least my interpretation? (it’s hard to know what pixel characters might look like in a more realistic style!) I did add some fingerless gloves because punching stuff looks about 100x cooler with fingerless gloves :D (especially ones that match your scarf…) but yeah, sorry for being a procrastinating perfectionist….I made it before Christmas, but just barely! 


It was a bright, illustrious morning at Ellis’ farm house. The flowers were blooming, the birds were screaming, and the air smelled of fresh roses and mouth wash.

Ellis had just finished feeding his twenty-six horses when he heard the sound of a motor outside. The handsome, southern beau whipped his head around, sandy locks rippling in the wind like drizzles of warm caramel and blue eyes full of youthful vitality. He dropped the sack of oats he was carrying, the golden delights spilling out of the bag like delicious confetti.

“Oh mah gawsh! Mah darlin’ is here!”

Ellis galloped from the stalls and around to the front of his home and squealed like a bat outta hell when he saw his beloved pulling up on his segway.

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Because why not.

MALAKAI (a.k.a. The Red Jackal)

Class: Swordmaster/Trueblade

A notorious mercenary hired by the story’s main antagonists, Land’s Judgement. Initially hailing from the forest nation of Gallia, Malakai is a Branded, born to a tiger laguz slave and a beorc merchantman. He has spent the majority of his life molding himself into the greatest swordsman he can be, mostly by seeking out and defeating worthy opponents. Malakai has lived the fight his entire life, and over the years has only grown to love combat more and more.

Years before the start of the story, Malakai founded and led a mercenary group called the Blades, during which time he took in main characters Raymond and Perseus Fletcher (fellow Branded and fellow OCs) as proteges. Eventually, Malakai’s bloodlust became so pronounced that Raymond challenged his leadership of the Blades, and, in an exhaustive duel, handed the legendary Red Jackal his first and only defeat. Stunned and furious - at least in part because he only escaped thanks to Raymond’s pity and mercy - Malakai disappeared, while Raymond restyled his mercenary company as Fletcher’s Blades.

Now, after returning to Tellius following years of training, Malakai has accepted work from Land’s Judgement - whose leader is an old acquaintance of Malakai’s - half for the money and half for the chance of finding more worthy adversaries to fight and crush.

In the end, he just might get his wish.

(Also, he has a theme song.)

TALIS (a.k.a. Looks Like She Could Kill You, Actually A Cinnamon Roll)

Class: Warrior/Reaver

Another Branded, and Malakai’s partner in Land’s Judgement. Born of beorc and wolf laguz, Talis was a drifter by trade up until just a few years prior to the story, wandering Tellius with her best friend Malik until a chance encounter with an ambitious fellow Branded spreading promises of a purpose in life and a better place in the world. Taking hold of that glimmer of hope for them, Talis and Malik joined their fellow’s cause, forming the start of Land’s Judgement.

Now, years later, Talis only follows their old friend - now known only as the Shaper, and whose name only she and a precious few fellow officers in Land’s Judgement know - out of a sense of obligation and responsibility, though she herself recognizes and thinks little of their leader’s slowly-ramping madness and extremism.

Talis is a ferocious force on the battlefield, fighting from the front and setting an example for the rear lines. Despite this, she takes no real pleasure in fighting, and tends to be a quiet and contemplative sort off the field - which is all the same, considering that Talis was mute from birth. Typically, she communicates either through signing - she takes a measure of pride in having translated the Serenes tongue into sign language - or through her best friend translating for her.

(Has a considerably mellower theme song.)