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Still two more days to post your dragonfly pose or grasshopper pose on www.yogaposweekly.com to win this week’s prize and this month’s prize!!
❤️The prize for this week’s winner is a kids yoga book called “Who’s Who in the Woods” written by Tamar Dakes from Beaming Kids School of Yoga. Check out this awesome prize at www.beamingkids.co.za
🎁The prize for this month is one month Success For Your Teen program by Michelle Lee valued at $695 from UpnAway Career & Life Coaching
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Drawing Academy’s Free Drawing Video Lessons.

Sponsoring Supersonic this week is the online artist teaching resource Drawing Academy and they’re offering several free, online video drawing classes for Supersonic readers (Plus more to come, stay tuned).  The free classes also come with other valuable materials such as free eBooks, guides and art albums.

To sign up and receive your free art lessons simply head over to Drawing Academy.

Hey guys! So I recently got my first ever Daniel Wellington watch! I was so happy and pleased by the quality and professionalism in the presentation!

So for all you out there that have been interested in a DW watch but haven’t taken action, or for those of you who like the look and are interested, you can head to danielwellington.com and once you’ve chosen a watch/or other product, you can head to check out, and use “courtneydw” without the quotations for 15% OFF! This is only valid until 30/11/2015! So be quick :)

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me, just let me know by sending a message here and i’ll get back to you asap!


credit for the photo to https://instagram.com/escapingyouth/