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How to get sponsors

I have received a lot of questions about that, and I’m pretty sure other bloggers have received a lot too. I want to tell you that there is no secret, no mystery about being sponsored and doing review for stores. I don’t get why people are hiding infos. Also, I’ve never hidden how many followers I have. When I had 50, 300, 1000, 5000 I was always very proud and thankful and I always answered when someone asked me the question. Why to hide? if we are able to do reviews and to get sponsored it’s thanks to our followers!
So I have now 11062 followers. I started doing reviews when I had around 7000 followers. Honestly I had no idea before about all this sponsor stuff. I didn’t know someone like me could do review for stores. I saw Riiri posting about SheInside, and then I started looking for stores who had fashion blogger program. I also posted on my blog that I was looking for stores to sponsored me, and some of them contacted me (that’s how I review my first item, a decoden iPhone case from westaycute etsy shop).

Honestly, the most important criteria about being accepted is the amount of followers. If you have at least 5000 followers, I think you can be accepted to almost all the fashion blogger program like sheinside, indressme, chicnova choies, cozbest, 7e-fashion, etc.. You can google “fashion blogger program” and you will find a lot of interesting stores ready to sponsors you if you have a good amount of followers. As long as you post mostly about fashion of course. Then, once you started doing review for “big companies”, you gain some “credibility” about being sponsored. It’s good when you want to work with etsy or storenvy shops. They can see how you work, what kind of review you do, how serious you are etc..
Personnaly, I send emails to stores that I like very much asking them if they are interested in me doing reviews of their products. I know, a lot of people say “you will seem like a thirsty girl if you do that’. Well, if you don’t ask, you will never have anything ! You have to be super popular if you want to be contacted by stores directly. It’s not a shame to contact stores! Write a profesionnal e-mail, introduce yourself and your blog, write about your motivations, why do you want to work with the shop. Show that you don’t just want free stuff, that you are serious and you really want  the store to have more visits and buyers, and that you are willing to do your best. Yes some stores owners are getting tired of this, because they receive tons of emails. But now it seems that a lot of storenvy stores are creating some "blogger program"  so it’s more easy to apply. Also, I wanted to tell you : you don’t need to be a super pretty girl, you don’t need to be skinny, or to wear circle lenses, wigs and fake eyelashes to get sponsors. I am a normal girl, I wear normal make-up (sometimes even nothing), I’m not skinny at all, so if I have sponsors, everybody can have them ! So yeah, what’s really matter is the amount of followers that you have. Because the stores want to have a large audience for their products, which is normal. They want more buyers, so if you have a lot of followers, those followers are all potential customers for the store.Also, I have an other kind of sponsorship with stores. Some of them are paying me in exchange of promo post, and I am affiliate with others. For example, when you do an order by clicking on the links on my blog, I get 10% commission of the order. To be honest, I really like this kind of sponsorship because right now I’m unemployed, so I prefer to gain money than to have free clothes.

There is no secret. You want sponsors ? Ask the stores! You have nothing in life if you don’t ask, if you don’t believe that you can do it. Everything is possible. But if you don’t have a large amount of followers, don’t be surprised if you are not chosen. They will ask people who have the bigger amount of followers which is kind of normal. But it’s ok, at least you tried!! Sometimes it’s not working for me and I have no replies too. There is no shame to try. You can apply again when you get more followers.

And If you want more followers? there is no secret too ! Post original content (but always with the source, it’s important), post cute pictures, do giveaways to thank your followers, try to be original, and post your outfits! some of blogger became "famous” when they started to post their outfits.

I hope that this post has helped you. I don’t claim to know everything, it was just based on my exprience in sponsorship. Feel free to ask me any questions ! xoxo