p: shepard

I suggest a number of well reviewed films. An award-winning drama set amongst the third Volus renaissance. A biopic of Matriarch Lusilla. Instead we see ‘Blasto Six: Partners in Crime.’ Exactly thirty-six minutes and seventeen seconds in, it occurs to me that thanks to my eidetic memory I will never be able to forget this film.
—  Thane Krios, A Human Day

My second Mass Effect fan art after a long break.

I loved this pairing since I finished the first game in trilogy and I didn`t change my mind till now. For some reasons Kaidan is not very popular among female players, who prefer Garrus or Thane (they are okay though, no offences), but in my view these two complete each other so perfectly, so I`m actually unable to romance someone else during my numerous playthroughs.

Though I looks like Mass Effect fandom became now a little… deserted and I waste my words in vain, but whatever)