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Candy Wrappers(P.4)

Title: Candy Wrappers(P.4)
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Warnings: fluffy moments.
Summary: Her candy wrappers are a consistent distraction in his life.
A/N: This begins a bit before Isaac is turned when he’s basically a blended in background character that no one knew about. 

It was Wednesday morning when my uncle decided to take the time to drop Allison off at school, making his way from her, straight over to me as I walked away from my car. 

I hadn’t seen Isaac since Sunday, he’d missed school both Monday and yesterday, I was starting worry that somehow he’d gotten in trouble again, but I was trying to pretend that he was just sick. He wasn’t responding to my text messages though, I tried not to send to many. 

A part of me wanted to swing by and check on him, but without a reason to do so, I worried his dad would get mad. I decided that if he wasn’t in school today, I would pick up his homework and drop it off, just so I had an excuse to go by. 

Chris finally made his way over to me, giving me a stern look as he waved goodbye to Allison. “You’ve missed training three times in a row now.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been busy with school. I took on tutoring a few students…” 

My uncle raised a brow. “Is that really what you need to be focusing on?” 

“School?” I snorted in response, smirking some. “Well, yeah Uncle Chris. I need to graduate, can’t spend my whole life hunting things that go bump in the night.”

He rolled his eyes at my sarcasm. “No. I meant schooling others. You should be using that time to get training in.”

I raised a brow. “Yeah, I guess, but at what point do you plan to start training your own daughter?”

He cleared his throat. “She’s not ready yet. You’ve been ready for awhile. And your almost completely trained. Don’t throw away the progress you’ve made, Y/N.” 

I gave him a short nod, but my attention was drawn away when I saw someone slide to a stop on a bike. Isaac. “Right, I’ll do my best to make it tonight.” 

He nodded. “Don’t make me force a training session on you, Y/N.” 

“I’d prefer you didn’t. I’ll be there. I have to go though.” I said, tossing a goodbye over my shoulder as I pushed passed him and hurried over to the boy. 

“McCall.” Chris said, making the boy flinch as him and his friend were striding past. The teen hurried over, glancing at Stiles in confusion. 

“Yes, Mr. Argent?” He asked carefully, wondering what the man could possibly want. 

“Who is that?” The male asked, pointing over to the taller boy getting off his bike as Y/N sauntered over to him. Stiles and Scott both glanced over, a look of confusion and a bit of shock crossed their face when they watched Isaac allow the girl to hug him lightly, smiling carefully when she let go. 

“Uhm…Isaac. Isaac Lahey. He’s on the Lacrosse team.” Scott answered, shooting Stiles a look before he turned his attention back to Chris. “Is there a problem?” 

“Not at all.” Chris responded, smiling at Scott. “Have a good day boys.” 

“Where have you been?” I asked as soon as I pulled back from the hug I had given him. Instantly, I searched him over, as if looking for any signs of him being hurt. 

His lip was still a bit swollen, but other then that, he seemed okay. Isaac sniffed a bit, clearing his throat. “I got sick. Probably from the small bit of time I spent in the rain on Saturday when I was working.” 

I sighed softly. “Well, not that being sick is a good thing, but I’ll accept it. I was a bit worried.” 

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He grinned. “Oh really? And why would you be so worried about me?” 

The way he gazed at me, awaiting my answer, made me blush lightly, a smile twitching at my lips. “Oh you know, I was worried one of those wolves you heard got a hold of you. Then I’d have no one to get me candy or beat at Mario Cart.” 

Isaac laughed, swinging an arm around my shoulders. “You beat me once and that was because you jumped into my lap. So cheating doesn’t count.” 

“It worked! You were distracted. I won.” I joined his laugh, smiling up at him as we made our way into the school. I gave him one last smile before my expression got serious again. “In all honesty though, Isaac, I’m glad you’re okay.” 

He searched my eyes and then nodded quietly, as if we had some quiet understanding at what I meant. I figured he was starting to understand that I knew more then he wanted me too, but he was accepting it. “Yeah, never better.” 

The two of us walked a bit down the hallways before the sight of Stiles and Scott walking towards us made Isaac pull his arm off my shoulders. “See you in class, Candy girl.” 

Before I could respond, he ducked away down the hall and left me to the two boys. I raised a brow when they stopped in front of me. “Why does it look like someone just stole your puppy?” 

Stiles raised his brows in mock surprise, turning his attention to Scott. “Weird, I was pretty sure that the one who always looked like a hurt puppy was just hanging on your shoulders.” 

My eyes narrowed. “Can I help you two?” 

“No…Not at all, we were uh…we were just wondering if you were busy…” Scott looked at Stiles as if searching for the rest of his sentence, which made me roll my eyes and to no ones surprise, his sidekick jumped right in to help. 

“Tonight! Busy tonight cause, you see…Scott here…” Stiles slapped a hand onto his friends shoulder and shook it. “Scott here was told by Mrs. Argent that he could go on a date with Allison tonight, as long as she had a friend going. Well you know how boring it is to be a third wheel so…” 

Scott caught on, smiling a bit. “Yeah, yeah so Lydia turned down the invitation and so now all that’s left is Stiles, but that throws off the boy girl ratio.”

Stiles nodded. “Mhm, and Mrs. Argent won’t like that so…Do you maybe wanna join me? Us? Wanna join us tonight?” 

I don’t think I could raise a single brow any higher then I already was at that point, my arms crossed and I look at both their expressions. The innocent, I’m up to nothing, grin on Scott’s face and the adorable, please don’t punch me, smile on Stiles’. I sighed. 

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with my uncle seeing me hug Isaac this morning, would it?” I finally asked, watching the shocked expressions on their face in amusement. 

They instantly tried to collect themselves. “What? No…not at all, we just uhm…You know, Stiles has had a crush on you for sometime now.”

Stiles’ eyes widened as he glared at his best friend, clearing his throat with an embarrassed grin. “Well, you–” 

And he ran. The boy actually took off down the hallway and left Scott on his own. He gripped the straps of his backpack and rocked on his heels, giving me a worried laugh. “So…is that a no?” 

“It’s a no.” I said firmly, watching Scott turn to walk away. “And Scott.”

He paused, glancing over his shoulder. “Isaac isn’t someone you or my family should be concerned about.” 

The boy frowned, nodding once more before he went to go find his friend. 

I walked into Chemistry later on to see Stiles and Scott sitting on either side of a very annoyed Isaac, they both gave me the same smile. 

Instantly, I turned my expression into a glare, pointing at Stiles who sat up a bit straighter. “I think there’s an open seat next to Lydia.” 

It took a single second for the awkward teen to rush from his seat to the back of the class to sit next to the red head. My attention turned to Scott and he slunk away from the other side of his seat to return to his usual place by Allison. 

With a single brow raise, I took the empty place next to Isaac and gave him a worried smirk. “Sorry…” 

“What’s their problem?” He replied, his tone grumpier then usual, his eyes refusing to look over at me. 

I sighed. “My uncle. I’ve skipped a few training sessions and he saw me hug you this morning so he must think that my skipping has something to do with you.” 

Isaac raised a brow. “Stopped playing with guns have you?” 

I pulled a piece of candy from my purse. “Not entirely.” 

With a roll of his eyes, the boy reached out, grasping the piece of chocolate between his thumb and index finger just as I had pressed it to my lips, which caused his fingers to press up against the plump flesh. “Maybe one of these days I can watch these training sessions of yours. I’d like to see someone toss you on your ass a few times. Might be amusing.” 

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I sat still, letting him hold the candy, I could feel the sides of it melting between the warmth of his fingers and my lips. I didn’t respond until he let the candy go, bringing his fingers to his mouth to suck off the melted chocolate. 

I smirked, sliding the piece all the way into my mouth to suck on it until it melted away. “I don’t get tossed on my ass. However, instead of me showing you my training. I could just give you some pointers.” 

Isaac raised a brow. “I don’t need to learn how to fight.” 

“I’m just saying, it’s an opportunity to wrestle around with me a bit. You know you want to toss me on my ass yourself.” 

He smirked. “Can’t say the offer isn’t tempting.” 

“Well, when is our next tutoring session gonna be?” I asked, tilting my head to the side. 

Isaac leaned forward, his eyes shifting to the side so he could watch Stiles and Scott’s reactions. I almost thought he was going to kiss me because of how close he got, my breath caught in my throat until he pulled back, a piece of candy now in his hands. “How about tonight? I’m not working…I could come over to your house.” 

“Tonight sounds good.” I said, a bit breathlessly. I gathered myself as he unwrapped the chocolate. Glancing over my shoulder, I caught the angered expression of Stiles and the worried look on Scott’s face and I halfheartedly wondered why they were so worried about Isaac. 

I turned my attention back to him, smiling as he popped the chocolate into his mouth and winked at me, his attention turning to the front as the class started.

whatthehalefire  asked:

I SAW YOUR TAGS ON THE GIF WITH THE INHALER AND... Stiles saved up after Scott had his first asthma attack in front of him and tried to give the money to Melissa to get Scott a second one. They already had a spare, and against her best judgement she gave it to Stiles because he begged and said he just wanted Scott to always be safe and they're always together so it only made sense. It's always in his pocket even now that Scott's better because it's like he has a part of him.

YES.  THIS.  YES YES YES. :D *nods*  Head canon accepted. :)  Given the way Stiles instantly embraced trying to figure out how to help Scott through being a werewolf, you just know he’d probably already done the same thing with Scott’s previous health issues.  He’s honestly kind of a care taker by nature. 

Oh, oh, oh… imagine them around 11 or 12 and Scott’s been getting seriously bullied and picked on for not being able to keep up and for using his inhaler in front of other kids at school. Jackson does dumb stuff like steal it from his pocket in the hall and puff it in his face because he thinks it’s funny.

So Scott tries not to use it where they can see, not to keep it where people can get at it, and in a moment of rebellious desire to be “normal”, leaves it behind when they go somewhere where it’s not easy to hide, like a class outing to a water park or to a community pool party or something. 

And everything seems to be okay at first, other than Stiles, running around in these ridiculously large swim trunks he loves because they have these water-proof pockets in them and he looks like a total dork because he tends to shove too much stuff in them and they barely stay up his skinny little hips. And Scott loves him, but sometimes Stiles is a little bit embarrassing when Scott’s trying to be cool and grown up. 

Then (of course) Scott ends up having an awful asthma attack, and the other kids are just freaking out and being useless and he can’t breathe, and he’s scared and feels so stupid and then Stiles has him, and he’s urgently fumbling in his ridiculous pockets until he comes up with Scott’s spare inhaler that Scott didn’t even know he had and he’s pushing it into Scott’s mouth as he holds him back against him with shaky little boy arms and tells him it’s gonna be okay and to just breathe, breathe, Scotty, please breathe…