p: san francisco trip

Omygosh i was in San Francisco!!

Hey guys sup! For the last couple days i went to San Francisco!! sorry i didnt mention it before i left, i was planning on doing it using the hotel wifi but the hotel i stayed at had the worst internet connection so i couldnt even :C but im back and upon returning ive noticed ive gotten quite a few messages and a ton of followers! thanks for following me and i’ll get to your messages soon if you sent one! but if youre interested in my trip i have pictures and stories yayy! just look under the read more if you like!

again thanks to all my followers (new and old) and for the messages! i look forward to going through them ^u^

 kisses for you MUAH

u 3u)/~<3

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I have discovered a restaurant with charming and humble atmosphere, reasonable prices, and a varied menu on which every single item, (from pancakes to pasta, fresh squeezed orange juice and old fashioned milkshakes) is absolutely fantastic.

Places like this need to be protected.

(I know I don’t have much power as a blogger, but if you’re ever in San Francisco, do yourself a favor and look up The Original Perfect Hamburger)