p: rocksound

I’m not trying to fill anyone’s shoes, what’s the point? I’m here to create something new, to spill the ink on the new chapter of this story and do the best I can. This album is made of all the things that happened to me and the boys over the past couple of years. I’ve seriously been at my worst and my best for different personal reasons when I was writing this record, and it really helped to breathe life into our new songs. This record pours with real and raw emotions - sadness and happiness, love and hate, struggle and relief - and I can’t wait to see where the music’s going take me from here. I feel like this record is going to be remembered for a long time. It’s going to be the start of a whole new story.
—  Denis Stoff (Rocksound Magazine)
  • Rock Sound: What's life like at the Way household these days?
  • Gerard: It's peaceful and creative. Lindsey is the same as me, when she's not touring she stays up until 4am painting. She's just as driven as me, and she's an amazing mom. We put Bandit to bed and then she's up painting all night while I'm typing. We could both just chill out all day and watch TV if we wanted to, but we're creative. We get to be in the same house all day doing it together, sharing this creative energy, and then Bandit comes home and we have fun.