p: rocksound


i met austin carlile and he was the nicest human being ever, 

i wrote a story aswell

he was walking down the queue and he got to me and i tried to give him my letter and i was shaking and crying to much to say anything to him, he took the paper out my hand and said ‘is this for me?’ i just cried harder, i literally couldnt talk to him. then he said ’ is this a letter?’ i couldnt breathe, i was actually sobbing and i literally couldnt stop crying, he said 'why are you crying? i said 'i just love you so much’. there was barriers stacked up in front of us and he started to try and move them, after he realized he couldnt told me to wait for one minuet, he ran off and i wondered where is was going, i turned around and he was running down the queue and pushing people out of the way, i was crying so much, and he just grabbed me in his arms, he was really squeezing me into his chest, i grabbed his jacket, and started he rocking me, telling me everythings going to be alright and repeating 'its ok, calm down, i love you, you know that right?’. he just kept repeating it over and over. he held my shoulders and looked right into my eyes 'i love you so much.’ and i said it back with tears flooding out my eyes, he was smiling so much and i couldnt help but smile back. he said 'your going to be okay, i promise you that.’. as he turned around to meet some other fans i tapped his shoulder and he span around, i asked if he would sign my wrist, just before he put the pen on my wrist he looked right at me and said 'i want you to promise me something right now.’ i had never been so scared in my life and he continued with 'promise you wont get this tattoo’d’ i reassured him i wouldn't and he singed it and told me he loved me again. the thing was, i didnt tell him anything about me, my name, why i was there, who i even am, why i was crying so much. i didnt tell him anything. and for him to just run up to me and cuddle me like that, it was so crazy. 

i really fancy this band. everyone goes on about how hot Dani is (and I’m not disaggreing, he is an oil painting) but often people forget about the rest of the band.  I interviewed Davyd hours before the show and he is one of the funniest people I have ever met, and being comfortable talking to me after the show like a friend rather than someone who was doing their job by interviewing him.

Top band, top lads and I hope 2013 is a top year for them

HUGE Inspiration. I’m reading the Gaslight Anthem interview on Rocksound Online. Got distracted while trying to find their email to ask about doing photography for them haaah. Brian Fallon interview/photos cannot be ignored. Even his eyes are inspirational haha everything about him is punk and nostalgia and passion and emotional pain and sadness and fondness and perfect lyrics. Yeah that makes sense.

I’m listening to Blue Dahlia by them now. The way it swings in, and the chorus, and the lyrics urghhhh how do people listen to the music they love without wanting to throw themselves on the floor and cry with love!? I need to become normal like them. 

Where’d you get them scars?
How blue is your heart?
Is it sad enough to break?
She said, “it’s sad enough to break”
How long was your life?
Was it cold and strange like mine?
Are you man enough to lay here?
She said, “I’m man enough my baby, come see about me”


“Life is a journey that is about finding your place and your purpose, and finding out what means most to you, and following it with everything you have. That’s something that I hope nobody—myself included—loses sight of.”