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Interview: Ashley Jensen on motherhood and new films - The Scotsman

God, I already loved and admired Bobby so much already - and now this. He respects women - he didn’t have to do this, not with his star - but he’s gender blind, and it’s beautiful. I suppose certain people will still focus on his use of a certain word….too bad for them.

I have to add: YAY for Ashley Jensen for loving Frank Spencer!!!!!


“When I got the script I was on holiday in Italy and I thought I had been sent it by mistake because originally that part was for a man.”

So Carlyle had looked beyond the Maggie Jacobs character and beyond gender, and cast Jensen to play the detective inspector regardless?

“Yes, he did. I know Agatha Raisin’s got a bit of steel in her, but this takes it to another level,” she laughs.

“I seldom get to play parts like this that are ballsy and get to say f***, f***, f*** a lot to possibly one of the hardest men in show business,” she says. “And there were times when I was playing June Robertson when yes, I did believe, in that moment, that this wee Rottweiler wumman could actually take him,” she says, laughing.


Robert Carlyle is a genius. We were all doing a scene in the cabin, and Eion Bailey was tight up, and we had the Queens of Darkness in the cabin. The scene was in two parts but we filmed it so we had like a reset time. Which is we are all in the cabin and I would walk out and come back in. And we would just continue the scene. (x)