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Once Upon a Time (Rumpelstiltskin): Best Laid Plans (S4E17)

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#tbt to a few years ago when I sold some of my very first#faerycrowns and totally embarrassed myself 👑 A very excited lady said she and her daughter would be wearing the crowns around the house all the time. I was overjoyed to know my work would be put to good use! And then I saw her husband, standing patiently behind, dutifully holding her coat and purse. My brain immediately short circuited… Is that… RUMPLESTILTSKIN? BEGBIE? GAZ? RAVENOUS CANNIBAL?! MY WORK WILL BE IN HIS HOME?! 😂 I couldn’t even formulate a sentence…I broke in to a nervous sweat…I BLUSHED and I can’t even blush with my darker complexion. Sensing my pent up enthusiasm, his wife leaned over my table and quietly asked if I’d like a picture with him. SURE DO! I even mustered the strength to speak to him to ask how long the gold makeup takes for Rumplestiltskin. 3 hours in case youve ever wondered 😋#starstruck#imanidiot #superfangirl#composeyourself #robertcarlyle#onceuponatime #oncers #trainspotting#ravenous #fullmonty #mademyday#fairycrowns
TRADUZIONE: Un paio di anni fa ho venduto alcune delle mie primissime #faerycrowns e mi sono del tutto imbarazzata. Una signora molto emozionata mi disse che lei e sua figlia avrebbero indossato le corone per casa tutte le volte. Io ero felicissima di sapere che il mio lavoro sarebbe stato usato! E poi ho visto suo marito stare pazientemente dietro, doverosamente a tenerle il cappotto e la borsa. Il mio cervello è andato immediatamente in corto circuito…Ma quello è…RUMPLESTILTSKIN? BEGBIE? GAZ? IL CANNIBALE RAVENOUS? IL MIO LAVORO STARA’ A CASA SUA!? Non riuscivo nemmeno a dire una parola…Ho iniziato a sudare nervosamente…SONO ARROSSITA e io non posso nemmeno arrossire per la mia carnagione scura. Sentendo il mio entusiasmo sopra le stelle, sua moglie si avvicinò di più al tavolo e mi chiese se avessi voluto una foto con lui. CERTO! Trovai anche la forza di parlargli e chiedergli quanto ci voleva per trasformarsi in Rumplestiltskin. 3 ore, nel caso ve lo stesse chiedendo anche voi.


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You just arrived in the tiny Maine town, Storybrooke, and you decided to explore a little. You loved small towns like this, you bet everyone knew everyone else.

A pawn shop, that seemed like a nice first stop in this town. You walked in and glanced around at how much stuff was packed into one little shop.

“Hello,” the shop owner greeted walking up to you with a limp. “What brings you here?”

“Well, I find pawn shops are a good place to get to know what kind of people live in the area,” you replied. “And there’s always really interesting stuff.”

“No, I mean, what brings you into Storybrooke? I can tell you’re not from around here, and there’s nothing to see in this town,” the shopkeeper replied.

“I like small towns. They’re so cute, and quaint. And I must not be the only one to come through, I saw an inn on my way in,” you stated, pointing a thumb in the general direction of the inn.

“You’re not, but it is quite rare.” He stepped closer to you and held out his hand. “I’m Mr. Gold. If you need anything while in this town, you can come to me.”

You shook his hand. “Noted, Mr. Gold,” you replied. Something in a display case caught your eye. “Oh, what’s this?” you asked.

“An antique glass pendant. Unfortunately the chain isn’t original, but it’s free with purchase of the pendant,” Gold replied, stepping up behind you to look at the pendant with you.

“It’s really pretty. Can I get a closer look?” you asked.

Gold unlocked the case and carefully pulled out the pendant, holding it in his hand so you could see. You looked at the colors, but then noticed Gold was staring at you. “I swear, I’m not going to steal it. But it’s a bit too expensive for me to buy.”

“No worries,” Gold replied. He unclasped the chain, putting the pendant around your neck. “I like making deals. You can have it, if you give me something in return.”

“Okay,” you said slowly. This was starting to sound like a bad idea. “Depends on what you want.”

“You wear that pendant while I take you to the best diner in town and we have some lunch,” Gold replied, a small smirk on his lips. “It looks really nice on you, deary.”

“Okay, you have a deal,” you replied, holding out your hand for a handshake to seal the deal. Gold shook your hand, though instead of letting go, he kissed the back of it. He then wrapped his arm around you and walked you out of his shop.