1ST PAT-RN SS16 Pitti Preview

Having a chance to stop by 1st PAT-RN is always a pleasure during my walkabout around Pitti. The human aspect that the event presents, has allowed me to build strong relations with people I admire, to the point where they are no longer just the designers of that particular brand, but true friends as well. This is just the case with Alessio, Cristiano and Silvia, the creative trio behind 1st PAT-RN. Our shared enthusiasm by the reshaping of vintage and Ivy garments and the military universe brought us together 3 years ago and hopefully, for years to come. 

The unique mix of inspirations on which the trio works is now highlighted by distinct lines: the timeless preppy inspired International Trad, the Italian and European Workwear and finally the military grade Fatigue Garments. This unlikely combination results in a merging of influences that seamlessly blend the boundaries between Ivy League and workwear, in a way that combines aesthetic with functionality. In fact, this practical nature of Ivy style where particular garments served different purposes or occasions, is remarkably portrayed in 1st PAT-RN’s approach to its creations. A striking example is their take on the traditional 2 button blazer made from a trademark knit twill, an interpretation that conveys the blazer as an everyday, go-to jacket.

For SS16, the brand established a series of ongoing models and lines, set to maintain a continuity throughout collections, with subtle changes to pattern, trimmings, color and fabrics. Regarding the latter, the “Hopsack di Maglia” is a debut, while the use of raw and over-dyed selvedge indigo denim makes a comeback. As usual, the color palette is limited to the authentic shades used in the original garments, presenting a carefully curated selection of navy, off-white, olive, beige and steel grey. Last but not least, the buttons are made from real horn, bone and corozo, with a special brass version produced in the same suppliers of the Italian navy. 

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WE GOT MARRIED EP. 277 (EP.15 JongYeon cut)

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Pictionary with Mom & #Surface3! Watch it now! I’ll upload a bonus episode soon, so make sure to subscribe! She couldn’t stop laughing in the first take. Now you know where I get it from! 😅😅😅

Fic preview ~ Jurassic Park/World AU

Plot: I took the first film and more or less combined it with Jurassic World. The idea is that they planned to open the park, but Jurassic World is the first one. The group is there as the test subjects in the same way the group was in the first film. The group gets separated during the tour and must do what everyone does in this park. Run, and don’t get eaten.

Starring characters: Nadia ( Basically playing the part of Dr. Alan Grant, and Dr. Ellie Sattler ) | Lightning ( Visiting with Nadia, but is still a soldier. Also playing Jeff Goldblum’s role ) | Azuka ( As the Raptor handler like the guy in the first film)| Isabella ( Head of park security ) | and for the kids, Bay and Daphne from Switched at Birth

Just because I’ve been talking about it, and I haven’t got a solid chapter written yet. I’m just doing the stand out scenes for now and trying out this method of writing. Instead of going from beginning to end. So far it’s kind of working. Anyway enjoy this :)

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