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Do you know that today there is a very long article in the swedish newspaper aftonbladet about larry stylinson and the larries? it´s on the culture-pages availeble on net!


That was VERY interesting, whoever wrote this clearly spent a lot of time researching! I like how they express all the facts without judging the Larries too much. 

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While some high school shows might dedicate an episode or two to sexual identity, Glee was one of the first to take the topic head-on with its introduction of Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer). Kurt eventually met Blaine (Darren Criss) and was permitted to have the same high school sweetheart romance—including losing their virginity to each other—so often celebrated with straight couples in pop culture.
—  These Shows Helped Shape America’s Attitudes About Gay Relationships [Time]
Whoever was in charge of seating arrangements at Louis Vuitton’s men’s spring 2016 show may accidently have spawned the greatest trio in fashion history. Call us dramatic, but the new friendship forged between Kanye West, Zayn Malik and Joe Jonas — all of whom made VIP appearances in the front row at the Paris show on Thursday — just might be the greatest thing to happen to Hollywood since Taylor Swift’s notorious girl gang. Not only are they known for their musical talent (a former One Directioner and real-life Jonas Brother together in the same room?!), but the trio’s collective impact on the fashion world as certified style icons makes them the best-dressed crew in the business. Jonas seems to agree that the trio is indeed epic, posting a pic of his two new pals on Twitter with a caption in which he officially declared his new BFFs his “#SQUAD.” The photo (which might as well be a campaign shot for Louis Vuitton’s spring line, to be honest) features the guys sporting identical poses, bushy brows and varying degrees of facial hair. Swift and her “Bad Blood” crew better watch their backs — there’s a new squad in town.
Zayn Malik 'Wants to Make Move Into Fashion World'

Zayn Malik is reportedly keen to secure an endorsement deal with a huge fashion brand.

The 22-year-old singer walked away from One Direction in March and although music remains his priority, Zayn is also apparently eager to make waves in the world of fashion.

A source said: “Zayn has always been very creative and introverted.

He tried out various looks and styles during his time in One Direction, which has led to interest from top fashion houses.

Zayn remains committed to making more music in the future, but he sees his interest in fashion as more than just a mere hobby.

The source told The Sun newspaper: ”Music will always be his priority but fashion could be more than just a side project.

“The long-term aim could be to potentially earn a big-money endorsement deal with a huge fashion brand.”

This comes shortly after it was speculated Zayn plans to try his hand at stage acting during the Old Vic’s 24 Hour Plays series, which takes place in the autumn.

A source said: “Everyone expects Zayn to go a certain way now he has quit 1D but his people are already talking with organisers of the 24 Hour Plays to get him involved.

"They want him to make a cameo, which won’t require much acting but will see him in a grown-up light among some great A-list company. They also want to maintain his profile in America.”


I never thought getting married would become such a stereotypical ‘gay thing’ to do,” says 25-year-old actor Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel on “Glee”). “In just a few years, what was discussed as only a prospect has now become an expectation in my circle of friends. I can’t tell you how many hysterical arguments I’ve gotten into by defending my right not to get married.
Harry Styles Wears A Flag Of Louis Tomlinson's 'Always In My Heart Tweet' Mid-Concert
The tweet passed one million retweets back in March

What a day to be alive; the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Larry Stylinson is well and truly back in business. Does anybody else think that June is shaping up to be a pretty fan-ruddy-tastic month all round?

After sending fans into a frenzy by being papped getting off their Sweden-bound plane together, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles continued to give us all the feels during last night’s One Direction concert.

…Although there is a tiny chance that Harry didn’t even realise it.

It all started when the excited 21-year-old babe spotted a fan waving the Swedish flag on the front row, and he promptly decided to nick it from them and brandish it himself for all of the thousands of concert-goers to see.

However, the other side of the flag was actually a print out of Louis’ ‘Always In My Heart’ tweet, which Harry seemingly turned into a cape of pride as he frolicked around on the stage.

We mean, we weren’t joking when we said it was a fab day to be alive.

And a special shout-out and all the kudos to the fan who made such a brilliant, brilliant flag.

In case you have been living under a rock for an absolute lifetime, the tweet in question was sent back in October 2011, when the Larry ship was sailing at full speed and thousands upon thousands of fans became convinced that the two 1D heartthrobs are actually in a secret, romantic relationship.

Sent from Louis to Harry, the message simply reads: “Always in my heart @Harry_Styles . Yours sincerely, Louis”, and was rather poignantly sent just before the now-23-year-old was first spotted with who was to become his long term (but now ex) girlfriend.

Over the years, Louis and Harry’s public relationship might have become a little less lovey dovey, in fact, it seemed as though they were being actively forced apart, but fans kept the spirit of 2011 alive by constantly retweeting Lou’s ode to his rumoured boyf until it was the second most retweeted tweed in history, even passing the one million mark back in March.

In short, it’s kind of a big deal.

Following the airport shenanigans AND the AIMH flag, Twitter understandably went into a bit of a meltdown, with #LARRYISCOMINGBACK trending worldwide within minutes thanks to those super dedicated and awesome fans

And although some are still debating whether or not Harry was aware of the flag’s design, we have a sneaky feeling that he knew exactly what he was doing…

VOGUE: Zayn Malik’s Street Style Is Pulled Straight from the Louis Vuitton Runway

The men’s collections just kicked off in Paris, and while the runways are filled with everything from cross-body bags and athletic-inspired attire, the fashion in the front row is equally compelling. Taking his seat front row earlier today at Louis Vuitton was former One Direction crooner Zayn Malik, who put his own  spin on vacation dressing in a distinctive rock-star ensemble from the house’s spring 2016 collection.

While florcore isn’t anything new—here’s looking at you, Pharrell!—the 22-year-old modified the motif with a retro vibe, and the jacket swung between collegiate prep and Hawaiian escape. Completing the singer’s blue note were tailored trousers and crisp white tennis shoes. If this is any indication of the look he’s crafting for his solo career, then expect to see him rise to the top of the charts.


Helen Mirren’s EGOT Dreams, Darren Criss’s Beer Gifts, and Other Behind-the-Scenes Tonys Moments

Darren Criss sent Alex Sharp a six-pack of (nonalcoholic) beers.
At the Tony Awards Gala at the Plaza, we spotted Sharp sitting at a table with his Tony statuette and asked how he planned to celebrate. “Well, I’ve been sober for about six months, because this part is so strenuous that I have to protect my voice,” he said. “I’m going to break my sobriety, that’s how I’ll celebrate. It’s probably only going to take one beer and I’ll be toasted.” Darren Criss passed by and heckled Sharp: “Boo! Your play sucks, nobody saw it!” “Shut up, you Neil Patrick Harris wannabe,” Sharp shot back. A burgeoning Broadway feud? Not quite. “Darren Criss is a legend,“ Sharp said. "He sent me — because I’ve been sober, he saw that in an interview — he sent to my dressing room earlier today six amazing nonalcoholic beers. So he’s such a lovely guy, that was an amazing act.”

Criss later told us it was an artisanal German beer called Clausthaler. “It’s excellent, and so I thought of Alex, and I knew he was going to win tonight, so I sent him a case this morning as a preemptive you’re probably going to win, so cheers!”

Darren Criss has had to cut back on drinking, too.
Criss explained that because he, too, is doing a physically demanding role in Hedwig, he has cut back on the spirits. “My father actually tricked me the other day, because he’s had to stop drinking, and he’s a big beer fan,” Criss said. “I went over to the house in San Francisco, and I said, ‘Dad, you’re drinking.’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I’ll have a beer with my son.’ I go, ‘All right, cool. Are you sure this is okay?’ And he’s like, ‘It’s fine.’ So I have this really nice glass of beer, just beautiful beer, and he’s like, ‘I gotcha! That was nonalcoholic.’ I was, like, ‘What?! No! Dad, I never thought I would see the day that a Criss would drink a nonalcoholic beer. Like, what world is this?’”

Harry Styles Holds A Flag, Larry Stylinson Shippers Rejoice
Little did the One Direction singer know what was printed on the back of it…

You know there’s a whole bunch of Directioners who fancy the pants off of the idea of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson being in love? Well, the Larry Stylinson ‘shippers are full of glee today as a couple of things happened at One Direction’s Gothenburg, Sweden gig that – to them, at least – suggest Larry are a real thing.

Harry picked up a fan’s massive Swedish flag (thrown to him, we’re sure) so he could do a silly dance with it and drape it around his shoulders like a cape. Little did he know that the underside of the cape is a print of this tweet:

And the cameraman at the gig focuses on this!

This is a Larry-legendary 2011 tweet that you can bet Louis is still too scared to delete because that would fuel the fires of conspiracy, implying the apparently shady ‘Management’ (the biggest enemy of Larry shippers) have requested he do so.

Despite Louis and Harry’s womanising ways, the Larry shippers are so adamant that the pair are together that they think the whole relationship is deliberately kept under covers. That is, until Harry starts waving a great old flag around.

Louis has always vehemently denied the Larry rumours e.g. tweeting fans saying‘Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard’ but he also bloew up a balloon that Harry then put under his T-shirt, as if he was feigning pregnancy, and, well, let’s see how that escalated:

Yes, that is a cartoon of all the big new Larry news that happened…overnight. Say what you like about Directioners and Larry shippers…they work pretty hard, the dedication is so there.


The boys know that by sticking together they can still pursue everything they want to do as a foursome, as well as individually,” a friend tells PEOPLE. “And there’s no reason why they can’t have lifetime careers both as a group and working on their own solo projects – just like the Stones.”

The veteran performers have, of course, remained a band for 50-plus years, despite pursuing side projects. Adds the 1D friend: “The Stones are a huge inspiration for the whole group, and they are huge fans.”

So what’s next for 1D’s next solo moves? Styles, 21, is reportedly planning an eventual foray into acting. Meanwhile, Tomlinson, 23, has launched his own record label, an imprint of One Direction creator Simon Cowell’s label Syco.

It’s the best of all worlds. The band all have their own solo interests, whether it be music, art or acting, but they can stick together,” adds the friend. “Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall are all very loyal to each other and support each other’s future together and on solo projects – music or otherwise … They are all incredibly loyal despite the multiple offers they get all the time.” 

Men's fashion: How Zayn Malik graduated from style school

Amazing news from Paris menswear, guys. We got custody of Zayn! By “we”, I mean “fashion”, obviously. Yup, after lying pretty low for nearly three months after quitting One Direction, Zayn Malik has made his comeback into public life. And he chose to do so not by hanging out in wellies backstage at Glastonbury, but by getting dressed up to the nines and hitting up the Paris menswear shows. The year’s biggest blow to pre-teen girlhood is turning out to be an unexpected windfall for the style world.

Among Paris show attendees, the utter hotness of Zayn was the runaway number one topic of conversation. A typical comment went something like, “So handsome it’s ridiculous. Have you seen his eyes? Oh. My. God.” Pretty impressive, when you consider how jaded showgoers are. Of course, it helped a lot that he was seriously well dressed. He pulled off a Hawaiian-slash-baseball-style Vuitton jacket with a panache that led American Vogue to report that “if this is any indication of the look he’s crafting for his solo career, then expect to see him rise to the top of the charts”, and rocked a front row seat at the show, next to Kanye West. 

At Valentino, he wore a navy frock coat with burgundy and ivory trim with matching navy trousers, and a crisp white shirt. Not everyone can carry off such formal tailoring with a platinum buzz cut and a diamond nose ring. But guess what: Zayn can.

Zayn’s stellar Paris appearances were a happy surprise, because after a toned-down monochrome suit at the Asian Awards in April, his most recent fashion “moment” had been the reveal of ill-advised apple green hair, on fiancee Perrie’s Instagram account. But now, he’s showing signs of fulfilling the promise he showed as the most-directional member of One Direction. Remember when Zayn was wearing a polo neck under blazers, back in 2013, and we were all a bit sniffy? And then the following year … oh, wait, we were all wearing the exact same thing. And band stylist Caroline Watson never came out and said it, but we always suspected that Zayn was stylist’s pet: he is, after all, the only band member who Watson made godfather to her daughter, Brook.


Harry Styles Calls One Direction Shows Without Zayn Malik 'Some of the Best We've Had'
Since Zayn Malik left One Direction in March, the boy band has continued on tour without him. And according to Harry Styles, these have been some of the best show's they've ever had.

Since Zayn Malik left One Direction in March, the boy band has continued on tour without him. And according to Harry Styles, these have been some of the best show’s they’ve ever had.

Speaking with EW, Styles said, “There have been incredible shows across Europe. Some of the best we’ve had! So we’re super excited about coming to America.”

Styles explained how the rest of the group has been picking up Mailk’s parts and “other than that, the shows have been going absolutely great.”

On “Story of My Life,” for instance, which previously featured a big solo by Malik, he said Liam Payne has stepped up for those high notes. Styles said, “He kicks them in the bollocks every show. He doesn’t hold back.”