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// Hey guys! I’m going on holiday! For a week with my family I’ll be going down to the bottom of the North Island and driving around to visit random town. Well not random but I didn’t bother checking the exact places.

The point is I may not have wifi for extended periods of time. Some motels we stay at for the night might have wifi, but I’m sure a lot wont and I probably won’t have any during the day. I will check online at least once a day, using data if I have no wifi. But I won’t be here reliably. This is a saturday to saturday thing.

Cheers! I’ll miss you all ^^ Have excellent weekends and weeks after that.

WOW MY FIRST MILESTONE HAS BEEN ACHIEVED. I cannot believe this. You know, when I made this blog, I was expecting to get maybe like 2 followers and immediately delete this out of anxiety. What I did not expect is a TIDAL WAVE of amazing people swooping in to welcome me and I am so glad I made the decision to make this blog in the first place because wow good times all around. So, without further ado, time to list off some lovely peeps. 

✦ First of all, special shout out to theapriciteone for being an awesome friend, convincing me to make the blog, and making sure I didn’t immediately delete it. You da best. ✦

★ Considering I don’t follow many people, I would just like to emphasize the members of my glorious cat army ( basically all mutuals who have put a smile on my face on multiple occasions whether it be through ic or ooc interactions, love seein’ ‘em on my dash. Nerds ):

snaky-adder / kimikoandchase / heylin-war-lord-chase-young / draco-principem / ahoodwithasecret / ventusdraconisisolxtedpoxsxn / themightyshadow / soon-to-be-dragon / xevilbusinessx / gxxdjxck / jxckspxcer / plxstiic 

Anyway, tagged or not, I really appreciate each and every one of you! I am so excited for all the shenanigans we are bound to get into together! Remember, as of right now this blog is not mutuals only so even if I haven’t followed you back you are more than welcome to come interact with me. I shall welcome you with open arms! You all rock, I love you all, thanks a million. <3

let’s get one thing straight here. i am a PERSON before i am a roleplayer. i am a FRIEND, a FAMILY MEMBER before i am a roleplayer. this means that sometimes i won’t have muse for a certain thread, or maybe i just don’t feel like replying right now. this means that i have every right to take my time replying, just as you do. this means that i come FIRST. i come BEFORE my replies. this means that sometimes things will get in the way of me replying. whether it be problems with family or friends or just something stupid, me and my personal feelings/problems come BEFORE roleplay. if i’m having an off day and only feel like responding to one or two things, or i’m tired and can only focus my energy on a specific thread, you should be okay with that. you, as my partner, need to take into consideration my feelings. some things are hard for me to reply to. some things take a lot more time, effort, and energy than others. sometimes i won’t be in the mood for that thread. sometimes i won’t be in the mood for any threads. this is nothing against YOU. this is just about me being a person with feelings, a normal human being who needs to sit back and relax and take a breather sometimes. so please, i’m begging you, do not take offense to me not replying to our thread right away. this is not because you annoy me. this is not because you aren’t good enough. this is not because i have no interest in roleplaying with you. this is just because i am a person and sometimes i get lazy. sometimes i am tired or have writer’s block. and that’s okay. all i ask is that you respect me and my muses by letting us breathe every once in a while. 

Aelorelle is a self-sustaining woman of high elvish blood. She did not get where she is by relying on a man nor by outright attacking other women for the sake of a man.

Do not think for a moment she needs your male character’s dick to feel accomplished.

I hit over 100 followers on all of my blogs (This one, mojaverunaway and wasteland-mermaid). So I am making a Follow Forever! It’s also been 1 year since I started up my first Fallout RP blog on here, so thanks for being such cool people to me. Some may be people I RP with or my RP senpais. Others may be precious cinnamon rolls too good for this world. Anyway, let’s get this thing going! In no particular order:

wastelandlosers, wasteland-survivors, mojave-barbie-doll, steelandpoison, thehunterfallout, rangerkaliska, rip-and-tear, sellbot4000, decanusdomitius, decanusdeadsea, askalexus, arena-guardian, cicero-the-assassin, saturday-talbot, anneia, fionainculta

There a ton more that I’m sure I missed. I also didn’t tag blogs which share a mun to any above (if that makes sense). You’re all really cool!