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ok but tents

in da2 and inquisition everyone had a home to go back to, but in origins they literally only had their camp for like a year

thing is, everyone was joining one after another, weeks and sometimes months apart (im looking at u oghren)

how come all the tents look the same? they should be all mismatched

and sometimes it could take a while to actually find a tent for new party members

just imagine, wynne joins the party and shares a tent with leliana for a while and everything is lovely, they both are clean and sweet and just the loveliest tent mates

in contrast, imagine the first night after zevran joined in and neither alistair nor zevran in their shared tent even shutting their eyes in fear that the other will stab them

or oghren joining and the party actually has a fight over who’s going to share their tent with him bc holy shit that guy’s smell is powerful (actual canon, sorry oghren)

and also imagine the possibilities of what each tent would look like

zevran and leliana and morrigan choosing tents that actually look good bc not a chance they will sleep in something that looks like rags hanging on sticks

loghain choosing the most patriotic thing as possible and just glaring at lelianas tent

sten going with practicality but also having some tiny detail, maybe a pattern or an embroidery of some flower that reminds him of par vollen

alistair sometimes looking up at the roof of his tent and feeling sad bc he sees the grey warden griffon embroidered and he remembers when duncan handed him the tent

anyway, tents

Oghren as a character makes me so sad because like…. the concept was there. Alcoholic warrior who fell from grace in his realm? His entire story in the Branka arc? So good. So much meat there. Even when you first meet him, hes violent and rough and boozey, but he has a personality. Hes smart. Hes motivated. He has a heart of gold, and you can see it. But after that quest he just? Has no character? His entire personality is reduced to “drunk”. He gets almost no development, and what he does get afterwards is gross and seedy. Hes lecherous and dirty, and not in a fun, interesting way. The game’s “dirty drunk uncle” act it plays with him isnt funny. Its annoying, and it feels like hes taking up space.

I know not all media is perfect, and lord knows Dragon Age is far from it, especially Origins, but its just so disappointing that Oghren wasnt the best of our companions, not the worst. Because like, he had potential. They just squandered it in favor of a cheap trivialization of alcoholism and chauvinist jokes


I’m playing Dragon Age Origins: Awakening and I got to the part in the Wending Wood where Oghren shouts “No one touches my junk and lives!” and my immediate reaction was “Maybe that’s why your wife is dead” 1) that’s probably one of the funniest things I’ve said while playing this game 2) I’m going straight to hell 

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(None gifs pls) Origins companions reacting to a very giggly and affectionate drunk warden at the tavern?

Alistair: Loves watching the Warden actually have a good time, and finds himself giggling quite frequently at their little jokes and behaviour. He does get a bit uncomfortable with how touchy-feely they tend to get, and has to extract himself more than once from them. 

Leliana: Continues to pass the Warden more drinks. She isn’t going to go as far as to make them fall unconscious, but….well, she does enjoy watching them slur out a mumbled “loove you guyss.” Leliana will probably end the night cuddled in a heap with the Warden in some booth of the tavern. 

Morrigan: Watches from the opposite side of the booth with raised eyebrows. She won’t comment much on the Warden’s drinking habits (it’s their choice) but they’d know better than to come to her for any hangover help the following day. She shoos the Warden away multiple times when they try to drape themselves over her “out of love, Mor-Mor, looove.” 

Zevran: Finds it hilarious. He is shoulder to shoulder with the Warden singing along to their drunken ballads, and encourages them to have a generally good time. He does keep a good eye on them however- making sure they’re not going to do something they’d really regret. 

Sten: Thinks this is a foolish place to be getting drunk. Especially in such dangerous times. It would be too easy for someone to attack the Warden while they were gallivanting across the tavern so carelessly. Sten thus considers it his duty to keep guard, knowing that the Warden will be otherwise occupied for the time being. 

Wynne: She isn’t disapproving of getting drunk, but she isn’t pleased with the Warden choosing this moment to do so. They’d likely have to get up early and move on to their next location the following morning, so the Warden will be in a fine state for that. Wynne will voice her concerns, but is shut down. The next morning, she takes a vindictive sort of pleasure in hearing the Warden complaining about their hangover. 

Oghren: Was getting drunk long before the Warden even took their first sip. He gives them tips on how to pace themselves, knowing that they’ll want to keep the fun going as long as possible. Like Zevran, he also wants to make sure they won’t do anything too stupid…though a little bit of stupid is okay. 

Loghain: He’ll have a drink or two but won’t get as drunk as the Warden. He’ll watch in some sort of amusement as he sees them make a fool out of themselves, and wonder how he ever considered this moron to be his enemy. 

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The origin companions reaction to alistair's sacrifice in inquisition bonus points for romanced warden

Leliana: She understands. On an intellectual level, she understands. That doesn’t make it easy. She spent a year of her life spending every waking moment with a man who is now dead in an effort to save the world. Combined with the newly reopened wound of Justinia’s death, she’s an absolute mess.

Morrigan: Like Leliana, she understands. Unlike Leliana, she’s able to keep her grief hidden. Though she wouldn’t say she ever really liked Alistair, she respected him. She respects his choice to die for his cause. A tiny part of her, so small it doesn’t deserve to be recognized, will miss him. If Alistair is Kieran’s father: It doesn’t seem right. He just met his son and now he’s gone. Even though they only had one night and Kieran doesn’t even know Alistair was his father, it still sits ill with her. Maybe she shouldn’t have cut Alistair completely out like that.

Oghren: He finds out by letter. He drinks to the fallen hero, unsure what else he could ever do.

Sten: He’s satisfied and he hopes that Alistair is, too. He did his duty and he died proud. That is enough.

Shale: The squishy meat creature that talks too much is dead? Good. But part of her mourns, which confuses her. She tries not to think about it.

Wynne: At the Maker’s side, she greets him. She wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Zevran: He mourns the loss. They were friends, of a sort, and Zev can’t say he has many friends. He knows that Thedas will be a little darker with Alistair.

Can I have my bonus points in the form of chocolate?

The Warden is devastated. The letter comes by raven, in Leliana’s hand, to her camp in a distant land. And suddenly her quest to cure the Calling seems less important. Without Alistair to come home to, why should she live longer than the other Wardens? Why not go to the Deep Roads and die by the sword? But no, he’d never let her think like that. She has to keep moving, for his sake. If she sees him when she dies, she wants to be proud of her life after he was gone. She wants to hold her head high and present her accomplishments to him. She will live on.

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Origin companions to the warden putting booties on Dog.


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(DA:A) Awakening companions realizing that the Warden has a crush on them?(No GIF, please, sorry!)

Oghren: No, the Warden really doesn’t actually have a crush on him. He’s just seeing things. He’s too drunk this time. Well, the Warden is great and wonderful and all, but he’s not exactly the kind of guy for them. It’s better if it stays in his drunk imaginings. Three way with Felsi?

Anders: That is… weird. And kind of hot? Amazing, powerful Warden who literally saved his life within hours of meeting him? Yep, that’s hot. Nothing could come of it, though. The Warden is his commander and he’s not exactly the kind of guy for long term relationships at this point in his life. Maybe a really nice night, but no more than that.

Justice: He literally never notices. He’s a spirit of Justice inhabiting a corpse on accident. He doesn’t understand the real world. He doesn’t actually notice.

Nathaniel: The Warden must be a glutton for punishment, then. Considering their rocky beginning and the lingering misguided hatred in his heart, it takes a long damn time to notice. Once he does, he isn’t quite sure what to make of it. Is this a result of a contrary nature, an attraction to dangerous or forbidden things, or is it more sincere, more innocent? He might be willing to pursue a relationship eventually, but first he needs to understand what this is.

Velanna: No. Get away. Stay away. She doesn’t address it and hopes it goes away. If the Warden is Dalish she might squint at them and consider it briefly, but quickly decides that this is neither the time nor the place and they are not the one for her. For all others, she doesn’t even stop to consider it, just brushes it off and moves on. She’s very much not interested.

Sigrun: Cheerfully, she’ll turn them down. She’s very flattered, but her life is already over. She owes her home and her people her death and giving her heart to the Warden is out of the question. She won’t live long enough to hear the Calling and she won’t do that to anyone she cares about.