p: nathan sykes

Nathan Sykes Imagine ♡


“Where’s this boy of your’s Y/N?” My nana asked as we were carrying the food towards the table, chewing on the inside of my cheek as I placed the mashed potatoes on the table. Turning to look at her I smiled. 

“He’s coming Na.” I chuckled as she rolled her eyes mumbled something under her breath about young love. Laughing, I looked at my younger cousin who was looking back at me with a smile. 

“Is Nath coming?” She asked looking around as I nodded my head. 

“He’s just running a bit late, Ana.” I stated fixing the vase of flowers that were at the center. “He should be here any second now.” I stated walking back to make sure everything looked good. 

Sighing, I leaned back against the wall at my Nana’s house. This was the first time Nathan would be having thanksgiving with us. He was never free at the this time of year when he was in the band, but some how he managed to be free this year in order to make it.

“Okay everyone!” Nana shouted as she clapped her hands to catch everyone’s attention. “Time to be thankful!” She giggled softly as I smiled. Walking over to me seat, the door bell rang. 

“I’ll get it!” I shouted running towards the door leaving my family members laughing at my excitement. Opening the door I smiled seeing Nathan holding a freshly baked pie. 

“Hey babe.” He smiled softly pressed a soft kiss onto my lips before pulling away. “I was waiting for the pie to finish baking.” He finished off as he handed me the pie. 

“You didn’t have too..” I mumbled as he closed the door behind him. Shuffling off his scarf and coat he shrugged gripping my waist. 

“I wanted too.” He stated as we walked wet everyone was waiting for us with smiles on their faces. Looking back at Nathan, I kissed his cheek softly before placing the pie on the other end of the table. 

“Now that everyone seated should we start saying thanks?” Nana stated. Soon everyone was taken a turn as to what they were thankful for. I chewed softly as it was Nathan’s turn to speak. 

“Well this is my very first thanksgiving.@ he chuckled lightly as my brother shouted out ‘Brit’. Rolling my eyes I squeezed his hand tightly. "I just wanna say I’m thankful for my career and the wanted. I can’t leave those boys out because of them I meet the love of my life, Y/N. I’m so thankful for you love. I’m thankful that your willing to put up with so much to be with me. I love you so much love.” He finished smiling softly. 

“I’m so thankful for you to Nathan. I’m thankful that Max introduced us, that you somehow are able to look past all my flaws and still love me the way you do. Nathan you mean the world to me honestly and I don’t know what I would do without you.” I mumbled softly as he looked down at me pressing a soft kiss onto my lips. 

“That was adorable!” My mom gushed as Nathan laughed pressing a kiss to my forehead. 

“So let’s eat?” My grandad asked. After praying we were soon all eating and the conversations going around the table were endless