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First time with Nathan MacKinnon?

ok but do you mean virgin:

  • such a softie
  • is worried he’ll hurt you
  • so he makes sure to take his time
  • reALLY works you up
  • literally takes so much time just getting you off with his mouth and his fingers
  • stretches you out slowly as he presses kisses all over your body 

or just your first time as a couple:

  • roses and candles and chocolate
  • legitimately looks into having a gas fireplace put into his apartment
  • but it’s still super romantic 
  • takes his time
  • “can you please just fUCK me already”
    “gotta make sure it’s perfect baby”
    “it’s only going to be perfect if you actually fuck me

nsfw night!!


Sid was my favorite player growing up and we’re buddies, and it’s always fun to play against him. He’s a little bit more serious than most of the buddies I play against. You usually can talk to your friends, but he’s all business on the ice. I just said, ‘Hey,’ and he looked at me and ignored me. He’s pretty serious, but that’s OK. I don’t know if he’s mad at me or what. I’ll have to see.

Some great things Team North America gave us

- Connor being captain and foreshadowing that he might become the youngest captain in nhl history

-Matthews and McDavid playing together like they have been for years

-Matthews playing like he’s been in the nhl for years despite never playing a game

-That Eichel goal assisted by Matthews and McDavid (what dreams are made of)

-The speed ofc

-Gaudreau’s goal (you know the one)

-Drouin being on the team

-Parayko quietly shining and helping out his team

-The media actually acknowledging how good Parayko was

-Nuge and Johnny Hockey looking like two of the youngest on the team despite being two of the oldest

-Ekblad looking like one of the oldest on the team despite being one of the youngest

-When everyone crowded around Johnny and we saw how tiny he actually is

-Just Dylan Larkin

-Probably the best 3 on 3 overtime ever

-MacKinnon’s OT goal

-Rielly’s reaction to MacKinnon’s OT goal

-Morgan Rielly when MacKinnon scored in overtime

-Rielly jumping and screaming when MacKinnon scored and then holding everyone up bc he was watching the replay

-Rielly’s ‘oh my god’ when he was watching the replay

-Even though it was heartbreaking Tim and Sid’s feature after they got eliminated

-Oh yeah and that one Leafs defenceman reacting to MacKinnon’s OT goal