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I know Moriel was for OTPx1000000000000000 but I'm curious what you would like for Mor now that you don't ship them. Like if Mor was on a dating site what do you think she should be looking for in a relationship/possible mate? For me I love the whole opposites attract thing and so I would love to see Mor with a woman who on the outside seems like her exact opposite, but together they just seem work effortlessly.

YAS I SHIP MOR WITH A LADYYYYY. Opposites do attract, indeed.

Ok what I imagine is that she ends up with a woman who has been around the block a few times. Not like she is a big ho, necessarily, but she knows about being GayTM in the Night Court and so she is like… Mor, babe, it’s ok. Let’s be GayTM together.

Mor’s partner would probably be more lowkey than Mor, but would love to watch her dance at Rita’s, drinking to excess, and then taking care of her at the end of the night. I know that Mor is like 500 years old, but in terms of relationships and such I feel like her partner would end up being more mature? Like a guide into the world of how to be in an adult relationship while also out and proud.

Mor’s partner would appreciate her. They could be as public or private as Mor needed, since she has such a public persona to uphold. I headcanoned Andromache as being like this; older, more experienced, and so helping Mor along in this roller coaster called life. When Mor finally finds someone she can spend her life with, it is someone who has already been through all the trials that Mor has, and can be a supportive presence. I think they probably balance in this way. Even though Mor’s partner knows what’s up re: sexuality and being in a same-sex relationship, Mor can also help her partner through other issues, understands how to navigate the Night Court and politics.

Plus, they have really good lesbian sex.

One of the best things about Origins is that you can talk to your companions anywhere, which really adds a whole new roleplaying element that just isn’t present in 2 or Inquisition.

You can choose to build your friendships on the road or while setting up camp.

Start a romance in a tavern or by a waterfall in the forest. 

Its an extreme long shot but I hope they bring back this mechanic for DA4.