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The Night’s Jewels- Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Balcony Pleasures

Summary: Nesta and Mor own a high-class pleasure house and courtesan service in Velaris, about fifty years after the end of Acowar. They are in a relationship, though it is open and very flexible.

In chapter 1, Nesta and Mor discuss an unexpected visitor and have sex on a balcony overlooking Velaris. 

And special thanks to @abookandacoffee for helping me with this one!



As Nesta leaned against the balcony railing, and took in the glittering city spread out before her, she couldn’t help but feel like a Queen surveying conquered territory. Nevermind that Velaris was in fact ruled by her darling sister and brother-in-law. In every way that truly mattered to her, she was its undisputed ruler.

Oh—no one, not even she, would question the authority of High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court. But did Feyre and Rhys know the secret tastes and desires of all the fae in their court? Did they know exactly which strings to pull to get someone to do their bidding? They knew only what Azriel’s shadows could tell them, and they had long ago agreed that Nesta’s patrons deserved privacy away from his many prying eyes.

But Nesta knew. Nesta knew exactly what strings to pull and when. She knew which fetishes her clients were ashamed of, and which secrets they would kill to protect. She knew how to reel them back in with promises of heightened pleasure and endless pain. Once one became a patron of the Night’s Jewels it was difficult to get out, and she rarely let anyone go once they had been caught.

There was no other pleasure house in Velaris after all, nowhere else for her patrons to go. Feyre and Rhysand has seen to that, and were more than happy to allow Nesta her monopoly as long as she fed them secrets.

She stretched her arms above her head and sighed. It was late and the day had been stressful. An old…client had returned after many years and she wasn’t sure what to think of it. Or how to feel.

The smell of lemon and spices filled her nostrils, and she turned her head to see Mor crossing the room towards her, her rose colored silks swishing against her legs as she walked. She came to a stop at Nesta’s side and pulled her close. Nesta sagged against her softness, thankful that there was one being she could allow herself to let her guard down around.

They were silent as they stared out at the city before them, words not needed after all the years together. They weren’t mates. They weren’t even really together, or at least, not all the time, and not in a way that Feyre and Rhys or Lucien and Elain could understand. Just…companions. Friends. Lovers. Business partners. Whatever the other needed whenever she needed it, without the deathly confines of immortal commitment.

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anonymous asked:

Do you still hold your position on people being able to ship moriel or not?

Yep! I think if people still want to ship it, they can. And they don’t need to be shamed for it. Many people read Mor as bi, including myself, which would make shipping her with a male just fine and dandy.

That goes for any ship, btw - I may not like all the ships, but I don’t think we should ever say people aren’t allowed to like what they want to like. Or dislike what they want to dislike. And we should feel free to state those opinions openly.

Personally, I’m not too into moriel right now. I’m more into andromor and Mor with all the ladies in general, and Az being alone for a while. I still ship moriel in the context of acomaf and fic, but not in the context of acowar. So my feelings are complicated, I guess.

Nexus link

The bi mod you were all waiting for (at least I sure was).

The intent of this mod isn’t just to allow women to romance Morrigan and men to romance Alistair, it’s to add everything missing in these romances to make them as immersive as possible. Whenever there’s an opportunity to flirt with an npc that was gender restricted, I made it open for gay/bi wardens as well (cause let’s be real, the only gender restrictions were in favour of straight flirting). This involved a ton of dialogue and audio editing, along with constructing brand new dialogue.

What this mod includes:

  • Characters won’t misgender the Warden. This applies to every time the Warden’s relationship with Alistair or Morrigan is acknowledged.
  • Any gendered dialogue has been edited.
  • Added new banter for characters so that they’ll acknowledge the gay relationships.
  • Added jealousy dialogues for Alistair and Morrigan if the Warden is cheating on either of them with the other.
  • Women can do the dark ritual with Morrigan.
  • Women can marry Anora.
  • Men can marry Alistair.
  • Previously dude exlusive flirting options for Leliana are now open to women.
  • Removed unnecessary gender restrictions on the Warden’s dialogue options.
  • Any bugs that I encountered have been fixed.

Below are a couple of examples so that you can see for yourself, a more extended description, along with more videos, can be found in the nexus link.

Nexus link


I  have two screens - one is my laptop and one is a monitor screen. The monitor is what I work on but is calibrated differently to my laptop screen and I have NO idea which one is right. So I apologise if this is too dark or light depending on the screen you see it on… I tried to make it look good on both… 

Mor and Azriel :) Mor’s dress was so fun to paint <3 And no I do not ‘ship’ these two, it was just in my head so decided to paint it :) 

Merch will be available soon! 

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas. 

Illyrian fighting leathers copyright of Charlie Bowater.