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The Mindy Project double post

Character: Mindy Lahiri
Appears in: The Mindy Project
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: Mindy has had numerous past lovers, all of whom are shown on screen to be male. However, in season 5, when her boyfriend Ben asked her to do something for him in return for him appearing on the Today Show as a favor to her, she immediately answered, “Bring to another woman into our bedroom? Sure.” She seemed nonchalant, like it was no big deal while Ben looked pleasantly surprised, telling her that he had only planned on asking her to accompany him to the taping, but that they could explore her option.

Later at the end of the same episode, after running into a third ex-boyfriend of Mindy’s during a fight on the street, Ben asked how many men she in New York City she has dated and she answers, “Kind of a lot, I guess…and I guess it depends on your definition of dating and men.” Ben gives her a look for a split second like he’s trying to figure out what that means before returning to their argument. Mindy has also been very complementary of women and their looks throughout the five seasons. Mindy is bi/pansexual.

Character: Morgan Tookers
Appears in: The Mindy Project
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: Morgan has only had girlfriends on the show but in all five seasons he has complemented men on their attractiveness all while usually trying to get close physically with unusually long hugs and often rejected kisses. He has ranked his boss and friend Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s major ex-boyfriends in order of hotness and has even asked Mindy’s current boyfriend to do a spin for him to show him what he’s working with, commenting “Jesus, you’ve got a great body,” while staring at his ass. Morgan is bi/pansexual.

With many thanks to byjinder for this write up.


my forever favorites: (15/50) male characters ◈ Morgan Tookers

Look, whenever I got my ass kicked, whether it was my literal butt ass or my emotional heart ass, I did the same thing. I got back out there, and I made ‘em regret they ever messed with me in the first place. Think of the best, strongest warrior version of yourself. Give that warrior a name. Never tell it to anyone. Mine is Axehead Lundgren. Come on, Morgan! Then whatever he’s doing to the warrior, he’s not doing to you, so you find his weakness, and you tell your warrior to go get him.