p: michael x sara


Top 25 ships (cancelled shows) ↦ 16. Michael & Sara (Prison Break)

It was real, Sara. You and me. It’s real.’


Prison Break 30 Day Challenge, Day Four | Favorite Relationship.

This one was a tough call because I absolutely love the brotherly bond Michael and Lincoln share and the one he shares with Mahone, but honestly the true romantic in me will always love these two first and foremost. Right from the very beginning, until the very end. Their story wasn’t perfect, like all great love stories but they overcame all obstacles and finally were able to be together. Even if it was for that short amount of time.“Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.” Yes, I stole that from Princess Bride. It’s kind of perfect for them really, when you look at every aspect of what they’ve been through. I think that’s what makes them out to be this beautiful tragedy. It’s kind of poetic. Being constantly on the run from the government, almost getting killed by convicts while in prison, etc, and the one and only thing that could really truly stop them from getting their happily ever after was Michael’s unnatural death. Sacrificing himself for the greater good ‘cause he knew he wouldn’t have much time left to live anyways and being able to give Sara, his wife, the freedom he knew she had deserved, even if he knew that meant giving up his own life. ~My creys. My heart’s bleeding. Anyways, I could go on forever and I’m kind of depressing myself.