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anonymous asked:

Why does Mads have a damaged eye in so many movies lmao

I mean, I can only think of three off the top of my head, and for someone with 48 IMDb acting credits that’s not actually that many all things considered. :P But I suppose there’s also the Death Stranding eye goo… and his character in Adam’s Apples does get shot in the eye… 

Okay so five. Five instances of weird eye things going on. That probably is more than usual. Which leads me to conclude that Mads is clearly Odin in the flesh and the universe is really desperate for us to catch on.


“The truth is that in American cinema occurs a big contrast: for a country that accumulates demographically the most accents in the world, Hollywood insists refusing to accept diversity and categorizes European actors in frosty roles, in villain roles. They often give me instructions to play “coldly” -that’s what they have bought from me. I do not mind. This cliché helped me get the role of Hannibal Lecter. It worked in my favor. At the same time, I know very well how to reverse the stereotypes. Besides, a cold appearance allows you to do big twists and explosions.” {Mads Mikkelsen} (x)