p: made of sunshine and rainbows


You hope for the best and hope that all of these different personalities will connect… and we got the best. They became the best of friends- Dylan and Tyler Posey in particular. Before the pilot was even shot, I emailed Tyler and said “Hey, you guys are supposed to look like best friends so you might want to start hanging out with Dylan just a few times to get that kind of familiarity,“ and he told me that they had already been hanging out and they literally turned into the best of friends during the show! So I feel like we struck gold with the cast.” - Jeff Davis

Today I am having thousands of feels for the zombies all around, not only I watched the interview that Rod and Colin did for LA TV this morning but I also received a NME paper from 1964 with a interview with them and maaan that was just another proof that Chris White is the most amazing person ever and seriously I love this band so much, SO DAMN MUCH!! Every single member!!! I love Rod’s talents and attitude and his mind completely amazes me and what a honest soul he is and everything about him, I swear  I never thought I could love anyone as I love him, even when I believed I loved someone else I have to say that how I feel for Rodney now is even more stronger! and then there is Colin and his extreme gentle and kind ways and he is so shy and his voice is simply SO WONDERFUL and he is probably the KINDEST and Most gentle soul I ever seen and how can you not love him?? it is impossible! and then there Chris and his amazingness and honeslty I think he has the best personality in any human being and he is so amazing in every way and I admire him so much and I just wish I had his view of my life because his mind is just absolutely fantastic! and then there is Paul, ahhhh babe Paul and bless him, I miss him so much and he seems to be such a wonderful and nice lad and everytime I see him you know I get this pain in my chest because I wish he was alive because I am sure he was such a great guy! and then there is Hugh who seems to be such a nice bloke to be around the kind of guy who enjoys a good fun and he seems always so enthusiastic and what good fun it would to be around him! Every member of this band seems to be such a nice guys and eveything I have read about them just make me feel so much sure about how great they are as individuals and  they are genuine respectful lads and bless them for everything not only for the wonderful music they gave us but also for the wonderful soul that all of them are!