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Post the second part of Dinner With Parents please omg

Ask and you shall receive 

Lauren hopped out of the car and started walking to open Camila’s door. The little bullet felt awkward, but she was totally whipped and there really wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her girlfriend.

She opened the door and Camilla smiled, pressing the lowest setting on the vibrator. Lauren had to grab onto the car, afraid of falling because of the immense pleasure she felt.

“Every time you do something cute or romantic, proving to my parents that you are in fact an amazing girlfriend, I will reward you,” Camila husked into her ear. Lauren nodded, moaning. The vibrations on her clit were driving her insane. It wasn’t quite enough to push her over the edge, and Camila knew that. Oh how she knew that.

Lauren walked to the front door as best as she could with the throbbing between her thighs.  "You’re not allowed to cum,“ Camila whispered, right before her mother opened the door. Lauren groaned in response, quite loud.

“Hija hello! How are you? And Lauren are you alright?” Camila’s mom asked, referring to her groan.

Camila refused to shut the vibrator off, giving Lauren constant pleasure. “I-I’m fine, you just look really beautiful and I see where Camila got her looks from and- I’m rambling, I’m going to stop.”

Sinu laughed, stepping out of the way of the door. “Come in, come in! Dinner is ready!”

“You have a lovely home Mrs. Cabello,” Lauren commented, almost out of breath.

“Why thank you dear, that’s really sweet of you.”

Camila smiled again, before uping the speed of the vibrations. “Oh my god!” Lauren yelled out, causing Sinu to turn around. “Oh, uhm, lady problems. Do you think you could show me to the bathroom, Camz?” Lauren instantly cringed. That was possibly the worst excuse she could have came up with.

“Follow me Lauren, it’s right down this hall,” Sinu said, turning around. Lauren slightly pouted, she had wanted Camila to show her, that way she could possibly get some relief. As she was walking into the bathroom, her phone went off.

C: Don’t you dare take it out.

When she finished reading the message, she looked up to see Camila press the lowest setting on the remote, leaving the vibrations going, but not nearly enough to cum.

C: Don’t think about fucking yourself either. You have two minutes before I come in and get you.

Lauren looked up from her phone again and nodded before walking into the bathroom, thanking Sinu before closing the door.

The black haired girl rested her hand on the sink and held herself there, taking in the vibrations. “Fuck,” she muttered under her breath. It felt good, amazing even. But she was ready to cum. Knowing Camila, that wouldn’t be happening for a long time.

She slipped one hand down her pants and whimpered. The amount of wetness that met her fingers turned her on even more. Lauren bit back a moan as she applied pressure to the little bullet that was resting against her clit.

Before she could slip a finger or two into herself, Camila barged into the bathroom and pulled her hand out of her pants. “I knew you wouldn’t listen to me,” she whispered hotly into Lauren’s ear.

“No, no babe, I was just adjusting it. I promise please don’t punish me,” Lauren gasped, not missing the vibrations pick up speed. Camila shoved her against the door, closing it with a slam. Neither of them really cared that Camila’s parents were in the other room.

“I should put it on the third setting and make you sit through dinner almost cumming in your pants. Or, I could leave it on the first setting and watch as you hump the dining room chair in an attempt to get yourself off. But of course we both know you like to be filled and that won’t be enough. By the time we get home tonight, your pants are going to be soaked through,” Camila nibbled at Lauren’s ear, earning a moan from the older girl.

“Please Camz, just fuck me. I can’t take it anymore,” Lauren pleaded. “I’ll do anything you want, please just fuck me.”

Camila turned the vibrator off before pulling it out and setting it on the sink. Lauren just stood there, her whole body leaning up against the door. Her legs were like jelly and she hadn’t even came yet. “How do you want me to fuck you, Lauren? Camila asked, unbuttoning her jeans while sinking down to her knees.

“I-I-I can’t,” she replied, if you fuck me I’m going to fall.” Lauren quickly removed the bottom half of her clothing (it was’t that quick considering the fact she couldn’t move her legs well) and climbed on top of the counter. “Now you can fuck me.”

“Who are you to tell me when I can and can not fuck you,” Camila darkly murmured into Lauren’s ear.

“No one, I’m sorry. Fuck me when you want to. But please make it soon, Camz.” Lauren cried out, wrapping her arms around Camila’s neck to pull her closer.

Camila licked her lips before raking her nails down Lauren’s pale thighs. She could see her wetness glistening and it turned her on to no extent. “You’re so wet, Laur. Is it all for me?” She asked, running her fingers through her velvety folds. They were instantly coated in Lauren’s juices.

“All for you, Camz,” Lauren moaned, throwing her head back. “Please just fuck me.”

“I don’t know if I should,” Camila smirked, tracing Lauren’s stiff and swollen clit with her fingers. “Teasing you is so much fun.”

“Please Camila! Fuck me with your long slender fingers until I’m screaming your name so fucking loud that your parents think you’re actually killing me.”

Camila moaned, wasting no more time and thrusting two fingers into Lauren’s tight heat. “Fucking christ,” Lauren moaned biting her lip so hard that she was almost positive it was bleeding.

Camila curled her fingers deep inside her girlfriend, making her back arch. She set a smooth rhythm, sliding her fingers out, in, out, in, curling, out, and back in. Lauren’s wetness made it so much easier for her perfectly manicured fingers to make their way in and out of her.

“I’m so close to cumming,” Lauren moaned. “Please don’t stop.” Camila kept thrusting her fingers, slipping in a third as she reached across the counter to grab the mini vibrator and the remote. She hit the highest speed and attached it to Lauren’s clit. The black haired girl cried out in pleasure as she felt the vibrations against her swollen bud.

She could feel Lauren clenching and unclenching around her three fingers. “Fucking hell, you feel so good, Camz, I love when you fuck me like this.” The vibrations to her clit and the pressure of Camila’s fingers gently rubbing her G-spot sent Lauren over the edge quickly. She came with a loud moan of Camila’s name, not really caring how loud she was being.

They both stayed there, breathlessly, until there was a knock at the door. “Camila, Lauren, we need to have a little talk when you get yourselves cleaned up.” It was Sinu. Lauren felt her face get hot and she looked to Camila, who face was just as red.

“I’m sorry I’m so loud,” Lauren apologized, nibbling on her bottom lip. She was the one who had gotten them caught.

“It’s alright babe, I wouldn’t want that any other way,” Camila smiled, before bringing their lips together in a quick passionate kiss. “I love you, even if we did get caught because of you.”

“I love you too.”

in which you don't mess w/ a member of fifth harmony bc the whole group, their families and pets will come for you

ok so 5h are feminists and always preaching about supporting other girls (and all girls, not just cis or straight girls but that’s for another masterpost) and it’s not just talk for them

one of my favorite things about them is how much they support each other and how happy they get when one of them is happy

ok this one is really important to me bc it shows you how nice these girls really are like seriously all of them are such kind-hearted people oh god why am i so emotional?*sam smith voice*

ok here normani’s getting excited for dinah when they call her name, mind you this was before they called normani’s name so this girl’s dreams are crushed and she still finds it in her to be genuinely happy for this stranger she just met look how her face lights up she’s a gift

look at lauren being so happy for her gf (and congrats on picking up their idiosyncrasies)

this was on the xf after ally found out that her grandppa passed away

i know what you’re thinking “omg they’re so cute and sweet and all” true true. but fuck with one of them and it’ll be the last thing you do bc you’ll be dragged so far back you’ll be able to go back as a baby and dissolve your umbilical cord with your tears

exhibit a:

exhibit b aka none of your boyfriends are good enough you should date each other:

arin you should know better…

ok so if you don’t know yet, lauren was dating brad from the vamps and after they broke up, his bandmates implied in an interview that they all had a go at her (their words not mine), this is the the girls’ reactions:

btw that’s normani’s dad yesss papa h drag them @ them

(btw ally reblogging a song with fuck in the title is what i live for)

conclusion: don’t mess with fifth harmony, these girls are so loyal to each other you’re just gonna get hurt and everybody knows ot5: these girls are my girls is the real otp