p: ksenia solo

SORRY, WE’RE DEAD: a supernatural noir


            • Sean Maguire, a bartender (Ty Olsson). By day he’s a bare-knuckle boxer, by night the barkeep at Mac’s. A good man to have in your corner.
            • San Pascualito, a death god (Clifton Collins Jr.). Leader of the gang known as the Bone Daddies, he’s more than your average thug. And let’s just say he doesn’t need any makeup to look skeletal…
            • Jack Malone, a jazz musician (J. August Richards). The saxophonist in the band at Dante’s and Helene’s latest paramour. A hot-blooded and violent man who is obsessively in love with Helene.
            • Maggie Belladonna, a witch (Ksenia Solo). Need your palm read? Want to communicate with the other side? Looking for a true love potion? Mags is your girl. But if you hate cats, you can go elsewhere.


the cast of lost girl + life imitating art (or vice-versa)