p: kieron gillen


as 2016 is coming to a close ive been looking back at the art ive done over the years and it’s been 2.5 years since my first wicdiv fanart (here), and there’s a pretty big amount of fanart ive done over the course of the comic (here)

it’s weird to see how much my art has improved honestly

since wicdiv will be running for some 2.5~ more years or so, maybe one day i’ll be good enough to ascend and become this fandom’s laura by moving from fan art to doing an offically cover for wicdiv (HEY I CAN DREAM. LEAVE ME ALONE.)

anyway enjoy this piece of experimentation and some SLAVLAURA i was so tempted to give her pants those fuckn adidas stripes



Basically, it’s our Kevin Wada issue, and our solution to the problem of “how to do an issue with an artist who famously doesn’t do sequentials.” Our answer is to do the whole issue as an in-world magazine, with the content mainly being interviews with the gods.

It’s very much pushing the story forward as much as any issue of WicDiv, and astoundingly beautiful. If you are a fan of Kevin, you’re going to adore it.

All the articles are actually written by real world culture journalists and critics. Kieron did a chat-roleplay with each of them to generate a transcript, which they then turned into totally convincing articles. The kind writers who agreed are Leigh Alexander, Dorian Lynskey, Mary Choi, Laurie Penny and Ezekiel Kweku who are all truly excellent writers.

It’s also the first issue of a new arc, following directly on from the fourth trade (RISING ACTION) which just dropped this week. Oh, and the rest of IMPERIAL PHASE (Part 1) is a traditional GillenMcKelvieWilson comic.

When I was 18 I read my first full comic series: Young Avengers V.2 and something changed inside me. I don’t know how to explain it. In interviews, @kierongillen used to describe the story’s theme as a metaphor to growing up, to that time in your life when you’re entering college and your life changes in a way that is not often explored in fiction. This is exactly what it was for me.

First of all, entering a communications environment meant constantly coming into contact with people who’d read more books and watched more movies than me, people who prided themselves on their knowledge of obscure films and independent “”“deeper”“” creators. I felt so lost. I have always loved creating fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction, all things that had no place within an elitist artistic community. And yet, here was this book that wasn’t afraid of being colorful and fun and pop, without being any less meaningful. It was a breath of fresh air. It was a beacon of hope.

Not only that, but every single theme in it resonated deeply within me. Adults not understanding you no matter how hard they or you try. Friends leaving and friends coming together. Searching yourself across multiple possible futures. Wishing you were better. Having to accept you are yourself and that is good enough. Wanting to change and grow, and having no choice but to do that because you’re suddenly thrown into an adult world when five minutes earlier you were being treated like a child. Suddenly, you realize your whole future is in your hands and it’s terrifying and exciting.

Most of all, America Chavez resonated with me. Here was a Latina where I was not expecting to find her. A strong woman self assured in her identity, strong and caring. She had taken a leap of faith in the search for her identity and she has fought to make it work. She was everything I aspired to be and since then I have followed her journey through Marvel while I follow my own.

This is my last semester of college and I’m about to go abroad to get a Master’s degree. I’ll be on my own for the very first time. I’ll be starting classes in a new college, in a new city, in a new country where my identity as a Latina will be a new thing for the first time (as opposed to living in a Latin America country). I am excited and terrified of this new journey of self discovery I will be jumping into.

This year, too, thanks to Gabby Rivera, America Chavez will go to college. She will, like me, start new classes, a new life, new experiences and a new search for her identity. The timing couldn’t have been better. I can’t believe I will get the chance to have her as my companion through the next adventure in my life. I am so grateful.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, representation matters. Comics matter. Stories matter. To me, at least, they have meant everything. I don’t know if I could have gotten through life this past four years without them. Maybe, but the ride wouldn’t have been this good. So thank you.