p: kieron gillen

while trawling back through my artblog i found this that i desperately wanted to redraw. there’s certain points in the year where i’m overwhelmed with my love for kid loki and leah…usually when i see magpies and get stressed out.

i know milkshakes are their thing, but i reckon they could branch out into other fruity, dairy treats, if only they’d had the chance.


Next up is big beautiful Baal. He was super fun to make. I struggled to make the braided gold chain that he is wearing on the cover. I tried gold ribbon, thick gold wire and gold fabric, but none of these materials would hold form and/or stick properly to the paper. If anyone’s got suggestions please hit me up. 

This is a recreation of the cover of WicDiv issue #23 starring Baal. I used glitter glue, gold chains, glitter poster paper, construction paper, specialty art paper, and pen. 

Fear the Reaper?

Alex: It’s always been fairly clear that death is, thematically speaking, the (un)beating heart of The Wicked + The Divine. So much so that it was the topic of the very first instalment of Tim + Alex Get TWATD, three long years ago. 

The book is dedicated to examining what death means, both for those sentenced to it and for those left behind. The latter I’ll save for another time – it’s a big topic, given half the cast are grieving the loss of a loved someone. 

The former was what interested the Alex of 2014, back when the gods’ deaths were a hypothetical. At the time, our guide to mortality and what it meant to the gods was Amaterasu. With issue #31, that’s cast in a very different light.

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