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New interview with Midnight Red featuring a HILARIOUS prank from Keaton and Drew from Emblem3!

The bell rung and you clutched your books to your chest and walked to your next class. This is the class you most dread, it was super boring, beyond repair. Keaton was out on tour for a while and you wouldn’t be able to see him for quite some tiem. Sitting down your books, you sat down right as the bell rung. 
“Alright Class! We’re going to do an essay, your prompt is on the board. 5 paragraphs, begin.” The teacher sat down and you pulled out a piece of paper and got started. The thought flew from your head, to the pencil to the paper. The phone rang and the teacher answered.
 "Hello? Alright. Okay. Yes.“ The teachers eyes locked on you.
 "I’ll send her down.” The teacher pointed at you and mouthed office. Finally, it’s like you’ve been saved. You walked slowly to the office, scared you were in trouble. Turning into the door, you looked up to see Keaton standing there. You jaw dropped and you dropped your books and ran into his arms. The office lady walked out to leave you two be.
 "I thought you were on tour!?“ You were jumpy and excited to see him standing there.
 "I am. But, I’m here in your town and I decided I was going to stop by, and pick you up for tonights show.” He smiled and kissed you, hoping it was the best surprise. You ran back to your locker and grabbed your coat and phone and headed out the door with Keatons hand.
 "We’re doing sound check, but you were on my mind and I couldn’t fight the urge to see you.“ He kissed your cheek and held the door open for you to his car and drove off.
 "You literally made my day, and saved me from a super boring class. But what can I say? You’re my hero.” Keaton blushed.
 "You made my life. You’re my superwoman.“ You laughed at how cheesy that sounded. He leaned over and kissed you passionately at a stop light for a little. Cars behind honked as he didnt notice it was green. 
 "Ooops.” he laughed and drove back to soundcheck.

Keaton Stromberg Imagine

            You’re lying in bed at home, sick. You’ve gotten the flu and have been in bed all day. You and Keaton were supposed to go out to the fair today, but you had to cancel last minute. Keaton said that he would see you when you get better.

            Twenty minutes after you get off the phone with Keaton and fall asleep, you’re awakened by the squeak of your bedroom door opening. You turn to see Keaton standing beside your bed with something in his hands.

            “Keaton?” You say rubbing your eyes. Keaton slides into bed beside you.

            “How are you feeling babes?” Keaton asks.

            “Sick. Why are you here? I don’t want to get you sick too,” You say covering your face with your hands.

            “I wanted to make you feel better. Just because we can’t go to the fair, doesn’t mean we still can’t have a date,” Keaton said pulling a container and spoon out of the bag on his lap.

            “You’re so sweet,” You laugh, “What’s in the container?”

            “I brought you some soup and hugs,” Keaton says opening the container and handing it to you. You take the spoon and start eating.

            “Mmm,” You say between bites. “Where’s the second part of this date, you know, the hug part.” Keaton bends over and hugs you.

            “That’s better,” You say smiling. Keaton was still attached to you with his arms around your waist. You finish the soup Keaton brought you and set it on your nightstand.

            “How was it?” Keaton asks.

            “Just like your hug. Amazing,” You say. You slide down further into the bed and cuddle into Keaton’s arms. He holds you tight.

            “This is better than the fair,” You say into his chest.

            “Really?” Keatons asks looking down at you.

            “Yes, the only thing that sucks is that I can’t kiss you without you getting sick,” You say. Keaton holds you a little tighter and sings until you fall asleep.

by: Jessica

Emblem3 Preference- You go into labor

You were 9 months pregnant with yours and Keaton’s baby girl. You were overdue by 2 weeks and you still hadn’t gone into labor. Today was the day you were going to get your scheduled c-section. You had been stressing about this surgery for a week now but Keaton has been with u the whole time. Today you got up and got dressed and walked downstairs and saw your husband Keaton cooking breakfast. You still couldn’t believe he chose you out of all the girls in the world. You went up and put your head on his shoulder. “Hey babe are you ready for today?” He asked you as he smiled at you and handed you a plate with food on it. You looked at him and smiled slightly. “Yes and no” You said. “Why what’s wrong baby?” He said sitting down next to you and putting his arm around your shoulder. “I’m ready to see the baby and be able to hold her. But I’m scared about the surgery. What if something goes wrong?” You said worrying even more. “Nothing is going to happen baby. I’m going to be right there holding your hand the whole time.” He said smiling at you and kissing you on the lips. You smiled to felling a little better. You stared to eat your food when you felt your pants become wet. “Ummm Keats?” You said. “Hmmm” he said smiling cutely at you. “Ether I just peed myself or my water just broke.” You said looking at him. “Really. Oh my gosh this is wonderful. I’ll be back. I’m going to get the hospital bag.” He said. He was so excited. You were to but scared that giving birth would hurt. “I’m back baby girl. God I love you so much. Come on let’s go have our baby.” He said smiling and helping you up. It took about 20 minutes to get to the hospital and on the way there u called both of you and Keaton’s families. When u got there the nurse helping you into a wheelchair and took you to a room.
*12 hours later*

After being in labor for 12 hours you finally had your precious daughter Faith Alison Stromberg. “She’s so beautiful. She looks just like you” Keaton said looking at your baby girl in awe. You couldn’t help but smile at the two of them.

Preference #15: Half A Heart

Based off of Half a Heart by One Direction. Hope you like it!



“So your friend’s been telling me, You’ve been sleeping with my sweater, And that you can’t stop missing me, Bet my friend’s been telling you, I’m not doing much better, Cause I’m missing half of me”

“She won’t come out of her room. She just stays upstairs all day, crying her eyes out. She’s not happy anymore. She wears your sweater every day because it’s the only thing she has left of you. She misses you like crazy, Keaton. And I know you’re not any better. Wes told be you might just be worse than her.”, Y/N’s best friend was telling me about Y/N. We broke up three days ago and neither of us have been taking it very well. “Why don’t you guys just get back together? I don’t understand. It’s obvious you guys love each other.”, Y/N’s best friend continued to ramble on. “I don’t know what to do anymore. I still need time to think. All I know is that half of me is missing. She’s my other half. As much as I want to just run to her and run into her arms, I can’t. I just can’t believe you when you say she still loves me. She made it pretty clear that she was done.”, I interrupted.


“Forget all we said that night, No it doesn’t even matter”

“Hey, it’s Drew.”, I had been calling Y/N nonstop but each of calls went to voicemail. I hadn’t left a message yet, I just hung up and tried again with no luck. This time, I decided to leave a message. “Look, I’m sorry. For everything that happened the other night. I didn’t mean any of it. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t of said all those things. I’m sorry, Y/N. Please, just don’t let this be the end of us. I need you. You’re my life, Y/N. Without you, I’m empty and dead inside. Please, please call me back. We need to fix things. I love you. And I’m sorry.”


“Though I try to get you out of my head, The truth is I got lost without you”

“Wes, wake up. We have to go to the studio today.”, Drew shook my aching body awake. My head was pounding and I just wanted to go back to sleep. I groaned in response to the sunlight being in my eyes. “I told you. You shouldn’t of stayed out all night. Now you’re hungover.”, Drew slightly chuckled at me. “I’m not.”, I mumble. “Yes you are. Ever since you and Y/N split, you’ve lost yourself. All you do is go out and party and get drunk. That’s not you Wes. You try to get her out of your head by drinking the world away and it’s not going to work. Now, get up. We’re leaving in 10.”, Drew walked out the door, shutting the door too loudly for my ears. It really sucks how he’s always right.

Imagine Keaton and Weasley were having a fight over you while they were trying to skype you.

“Y/N will pick me! you have no chance!” Weasley yelled

“No she’ll pick me!” Keaton reached up and was about to hit weasley when you answerd their call!

“Hey guys!"  You smiled


"Um guys?”

“thank god! They were arrugging over you! Make it stop Y/N!”

You just nervously laughed

You got off the plane with Keatons hand in one hand, and your luggage in the other. “Are you nervous?” You looked up at him. “Eh a little bit. I don’t know how they’ll like me..” He watched his feet. “They’ll love you. Come on! I see them now!” You pulled him torwards your parents, you dropped your luggage and ran and hugged them both, kissing them. “I’ve missed you so much! Glad you had fun!” Your mom said squeezing you. Keaton stood there awkwardly. “Mom, dad. I know I’ve talked about him a lot, and you haven’t met him because he has been touring, but here is Keaton. Keaton, this is my mom and dad.” Keaton stepped forward and shook their hands. So far, he set off a positive vibe. “How about we take both your luggages home, and head out to eat?” You dad suggested. You looked at Keaton. “Sounds good!” he said. You were excited that the fact you and Keaton got to spend time with your family.
You arrived at your house, Keaton & your dad took up your luggage to your room. “Okay, you two get ready, and we’ll go!” You shut the door after your dad. Keaton sat down on your bed. “You wanna take a shower first?” You hopped in the shower, and got out quickly for Keaton. He jumped in. You put on your dress in the bathroom. He got out, and before you were all ready, he was ready. You finished braiding the part of your hair. He kissed you. “Ready?” You nodded your head. Keaton led you the way down the stairs to your family. “You all ready?” Your dad asked getting up. Your parents were good. “Let’s go!” At the dinner, they spoke, and bonded well. Keaton left a very well impression on your parents.