p: jonathan toews

"How to pose for magazine covers" NHL edition

Carey Price looking cool as usual…

Nick Lidstrom showing off his amazing physique…

Claude Giroux staring into the very middle of your soul…

Captain Serious looking more serious than ever…

…and then there’s Pekka Rinne :D :D

Jonathan Toews Imagine

It’s been a sad and boring two weeks. Jonathan has been gone in Sochi for a while, and you really miss him. But, you’re really excited for today. You flew over to Sochi last night, and you were planning on visiting Jonathan. 

You arrive at the hotel where he’s staying, shutting off your car. You know exactly what room he’s in. Smiling, you close the door. A storm is heading in, and it doesn’t look good. Before you can even make your way inside, it starts to pour. By the time you enter the hotel, you’re soaked. You nod at the receptionist.

“I’m just here to surprise visit my husband.” You say quickly, grinning. The receptionist nods, tilting his head towards the elevator. 

You wait as you’re carried to the fifth floor, smiling in excitement. You’ve really miss Jonathan, and you’re super excited to see him. 

You exit the elevator at the fifth floor, and walk quickly and quietly towards room 519. You take a deep breath, and knock on the door.

“Yeah.” Jonathan opens the door quickly, and looks right at you. “Hey! What are you doing here?” He smiles at you, kissing you before wrapping you into a tight hug. He lets go, looks up and down the hallway, and shoves you in the room, slamming the door behind you. 

“What are you doing here?” Jonathan smiles at you, “When did you get in? You’re soaking wet, by the way." 

You smile up at him. He’s so cute. Everyone calls him Captain Serious, but nobody knows how emotional he can get off the ice. "I wanted to come see you. I miss you more than usual. I got in a few hours ago. And yes, I’m soaked. I know." 

"You, my love, are the best girl in the world.” He lifts you up off the ground, and carries you to the bed. You lay next to him, cuddling up against him. He smells really good, as per usual. “I’ve missed you too. I’ve gone two weeks without kissing you, and that honestly stinks.”

“Well, I just might have to fix that now, won’t I?” You sit up, roll over so you’re laying on him, lean down, and press your lips against his.

Jonathan’s hands reach up around your waist, pulling you down towards him, keeping the kiss going. As he stops kissing you, he looks into your eyes. “Damn I missed that.”

You grin, lean down, and kiss him again. This time it’s a little deeper. Jonathan starts running his hands up and down your back. Smiling into the kiss, you reach down and unbutton his shirt. Jonathan’s lips move from your mouth to your neck. 

Lifting your head, you look into Jonathan’s eyes. “I’ve really misses this.” You say, looking at his sparkling eyes.

“Then let’s get back to it, shall we?” Jonathan pulls you down again, and continues kissing you.

Jonathan Toews Imagine

“Ana Bear!” Jonathan yells out as he steps in the house. He had been working in the yard all day, and it shows on his face. He’s red and sweaty, and he’s a little burned on his nose and cheeks. 

“Daddy!!” Your two year old, Ana races from the living room, and hops into her daddy’s arms. He lifts her up, kisses her, and spins her around.

“How’s my lovely girl?” Jonathan says, smiling at her. 

“Your face is all red daddy.”

“Yes it is. But I’d rather have it red than orange!” Jonathan jokes, kissing Ana one last time before setting her down. 

“Come see what mama and I made!” Ana grabs her father’s hand, attempting to pull him into the living room.

“Okay, okay.” Jonathan follows her, stopping to kiss you. “Hey babe.”

“Look daddy, look!” Ana points at a finger painting that’s drying on the floor. It’s a vague image of the Blackhawks logo, with Toews written across the top. 

“Oh, wow.” Jonathan says, sitting next to Ana on the floor. “That’s awesome, sweetie. Did you make this all by yourself?”

Ana nods eagerly. “Mama helped, but I did all the work!" 

"This is just beautiful, Ana.” He pulls her in, kissing her forehead. “Thank you." 

Ana climbs on her Jonathan’s back, and he stands up, spinning around. "Guess where I’m taking you tomorrow, Ana Bear?" 


“I’m taking you to the arena, and my little lovie is going to learn to skate.” He smiles. He’s been waiting a long time to take her, and now that it’s the off season, he can finally take her.

“Yay!” Ana shrieks in delight. She’s been waiting to got too. “Does mama know how to skate, daddy?”

“She sure does. That’s where i took her on our first date.”

“Oh, I remember that.” You look up, smiling. “I was terrible at it. I think I still have bruises on my butt from falling so much.”

“Oh, you weren’t that bad.” Jonathan says, taking a seat on the couch next to you, bouncing Ana on his leg. “It was sort of cute seeing you fall though.”

“Shut up.” You playfully push his arm. 

“Oh, you love me.” Jonathan says, leaning over for a kiss. 

“Ew.” Ana pipes up as your lips meet.

“Does someone want to go skating tomorrow?” Jonathan asks, looking at her again. 

“Yeah!” Ana says excitedly. 

“Then it’s bedtime, little Bear” Jonathan picks her up, kissing you one last time before heading to Ana’s room.

“Was mama really bad the first time she went skating?” You hear her ask as they walk away. 

“She was terrible. She kept falling on her butt.” Jonathan says. “You’ll do a lot better.”

You can’t help but laugh to yourself. You return to your book, a smile still on your face.