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The Jonas Brothers will be in my life forever.. I think people are too hard on Joe, the thing is I may get mad at him and he may get mad at me. But the thing is, we make up, because they’re going to be in my life forever. I even told him yesterday, ‘Kinda rude, but I still love you and don’t do it again.’ But at the same time he is such a great guy and he has a really good heart. I had a million chances to tell my story and this his first time doing a tell-all so I say good for him.’
—  Demi Lovato on Joe Jonas

Confession: The jonas brothers were pretty amazing for a disney band <3

Nick Jonas imagine for anon.

It’s Christmas morning, you’re just waking up. You smell the fresh coffee and notice Nick is out of bed.

“Good morning baby.” Nick kisses you and hands you your coffee in bed.

“Good morning, are you ready to open your gifts?” You ask, excited.

“I am pretty excited, but I’m more excited for you to open your’s.” Nick smiles widely.

You giggle and get out of bed. You put your red silky nightgown back on and head into the small living room of your’s and Nick’s apartment.

Your tree is beautifully decorated, with Elvis sleeping under it. All the presents for the both of you laid there.

“I hope you didn’t peek, I know how you are!” Nick pointed.

“Oh I didn’t!” You laugh. “You go first.” You hand Nick his first gift.

“My cologne! I’ve been looking all around for some more!”

“They’ve discontinued it. Thank God for Ross.”

Nick continues to open the rest.

You got him a gold necklace, a new suit, and a Starbucks gift card. You’ve just gotten a raise at your new job so, why not splurge on the love of your life.

“Okay, I only got you two things, I feel horrible!” Nick whines.

“It’s not a big deal,” you giggle “it’s the thought and the love that matters.”

Nick hands you a rectangular box and you open it to reveal a white lace dress, long and beautiful.

“Oh my goodness, I love it!”

“There’s one more.” He then hands you a little square box, wrapped super tight.

“Jeez, you didn’t want me to get in to this!” You joke.

“Here, I’ll help.” Nick tears the paper and opens the box.

It’s a huge ring, in the shape of a heart.

Your mouth drops. “Nick..”

“Will you marry me y/n?”

Your eyes fill up with tears. “Yes!” You shout and squeeze him.

“I love you.”

“I love you too Nick.” You kiss him.

“Now, did you really like that dress?” He asks.

“Yes! It’d be a great wedding dress- wait a minute!”

Nick smirks. “I know.”

Stop with the Joe hate.

Everyone is making a big fuss about this Jemi thing, saying how big of a liar Joe is for “never loving Demi.”

You should go re-read the article. Joe did love Demi, but not in the way that she wanted him to or the public thought he did. He said himself that they started dating after Disney and the fans sort of stuck them together, and he stayed with her for two reasons:

1. He felt he needed to take care of her. Imagine being in a relationship with someone who was going through some really tough shit, you’d want to help that person.

2. Disney needed them to keep up their image to keep the fans happy. (And make money. Corporate greed.)

He had to keep this up this relationship with a girl who, at the time, wasn’t even capable of loving herself, let alone another person. He wasn’t happy, and wasn’t happy about being kind of forced into this. Joe clearly cared about Demi, just not in a romantic way.

And that wasn’t even the main point of the article. The point was to show how fucked up the industry really is, to show that it’s not all pretty and that when you get involved with big companies, you really can’t speak or think for yourself and you have to worry about every little thing you say or do, not because you’re afraid of the consequences personally, but because of this precious “good girl/boy” image you have to maintain.

It was Joe being completely honest and putting it all on the line and I admire him for opening up like he did, it couldn’t have been easy for him. It goes to show that you only see what people want you to see and you never know what goes on behind the scenes.

The grass isn’t always greener, folks.

Let’s get 1 thing straight about this Jemi issue: Joe NEVER said that he didn’t care about Demi, he just felt like he had to stay in the relationship to take care of her, and to protect the brand (Disney, which we all knew prior to this) - but never once did he say that he did it out of pity, or that he didn’t care for or love her. 

Imagine for mayjones12 (part 2)

The promise was that Nick would take care of you and that you’d get into therapy and try to get better.

That was the plan. That was what you had to do in order to get things back to normal. That’s what needed to happen so no one would get hurt.

And for a little while, maybe a month, it worked.

You switched your mindset and tried to focus on the positive things. You went to therapy twice a week. You tried to eat your whole meal. You tried to work on what was happening in your life that had pushed you to do these things.

And it worked.

For a while.

It was like you were doing all of this for Nick. Because you wanted him to not worry about you. Because he had so much better things to do. Like get his shit together and know what his next step would be. And you didn’t want to be a burden. You just wanted to support him and be there for him. Like he’d been there for you at the start.

At the start… First month he drove you to therapy and talked to your family. He tried to take your mind off of those horrible thoughts by taking you to the beach and stuff. He held your hand while you looked in the mirror. And he hugged you to sleep when you broke down and cried.

But then he stopped. All of the sudden. He just stopped doing those things. Maybe he thought you were better and that, from now on, he couldn’t help you anymore. You had to get out of this yourself. And he was right, but he chose a bad time. Because after the time he didn’t answer the phone when you were upset, everything came crushing down.

Lies started, you fooled your psychologist and said you were doing better, and meanwhile, you struggling to keep shit controlled in your life. You became quieter. And you found a sneaky way to lose weight.

The first time to locked yourself in the bathroom and bent down in front of the toilet and pushed your fingers down your throat, you felt completely disgusting. Ashamed.

But relieved.

And then that feeling became addictive. And you couldn’t stop. Your stomach had learned to reject food. Food you couldn’t keep inside because it was dangerous for you.

“You have bags under your eyes, are you okay?”, one day Nick asked.

“I’m fine, just tired, been really busy lately”, you answered.

“Miss Popular”, he teased you with a grin and nudged your shoulder.

You chuckled, “I know, you’re lucky I had a spot free for you. I had to cancel dinner with Tom Hanks”, you joked, “but, you know”.

Nick laughed, “I could be a Tom Hanks”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “really?”

“Watch this”, he cleared his throat, “Wilson! Wilson! Wilson!”, he shrieked in the most ridiculous way ever.

You laughed so hard your nose started bleeding. “Crap”, you said as you quickly threw your head back and pressed your fingers on the bridge of your nose. “Damn it, I got so emotional with your brilliant performance that my veins exploded”, you managed to chuckle.

Nick shook his head with a weak smile. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back with paper”, he said and caressed your forehead before leaving his room.

He immediately came back with a lot of napkins. “I’m not dying, you know?”

Not wasting any time, Nick handed you the napkins. “Just make it stop”

He started suspecting again. He became more apprehensive and protective over you. At times, you thought he was trying to control you, and maybe he was. But it was just because he was too fucking scared.

To be continued….