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The Dark Knight - ¼th scale The Joker Collectible Figure

The figure stands approximately 47cm tall, it features a stunningly detailed head sculpt of The Joker in full make-up, extremely elaborated costumes expertly tailored for the ¼th scale body to maximize screen authenticity, and a combination of weapons and accessories.

Furthermore, a Special Edition only available in selected markets will include an additional interchangeable gradient dual-faced head sculpt based on the appearances of the actor Heath Ledger and his “transformation” into the Joker as a special item to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of JC. & Yulli at Hot Toys, as well as the legacy of Heath Ledger as this beloved supervillain!

This is an extraordinary and magnificent collectible figure of The Joker that will be destined to be a holy grail in many Hot Toys fans’ collection!

Jokers Son Headcanons: Possession

Request: (anonymous) Can I request for the clown prince to get angry and then he and reader have makeup sex?

  • The clown prince acts very cocky but you are his one weakness, he always worries you will find a better man so he is very territorial and jealous. He inherits it from his father who was jealous out of entitlement vs his jealous out of insecurity.
  • He takes you out for drinks at the club and keeps his hand on your leg occasionally tracing his fingertips along your skin up your dress.
  • He makes sure to grab your chin and kiss you when he see’s men looking at you, letting them all know your his. 
  • You get fed up, feeling like you’re being shown off as a prize and move his hand off of you.
  • The clown prince can’t take men staring at you and not being able to touch you and show his dominance to them. He thinks you’ve pushed him away because you’re not interested. 
  • His infamous temper comes out of him and he lunges at an admirer across the room and begins to beat him senseless. 
  • You storm away furious, he notices you gone and with bloodies fists runs after you through the club. Unlike his father he realizes his mistakes.
  • You see a group of men eyeing you by the bar, you know it’s your chance to make him jealous and make him angry like you just were. But you turn around because you love him and say fuck it to everything else.
  • The men don’t want you going so easily and grab your arm. As you try and pull away you see your clown prince dive into the crowd of them and start tearing them apart like a wild animal. 
  • The clown prince smiles again after seeing you turn down the opportunity, becoming cocky all over again being reassured of your love.
  • While he’s strangling the life out of one of the men, the other get’s up ready for revenge but you pull out your own golden knife that your prince gifted you and slit his throat. 
  • The clown princes eyes and body tell two different stories. His body exhumes anger but his eyes have an innocence in them. He is the perfect conflict between the Joker’s viciousness and his own sensitivity.
  • Both of you look at each other, covered in blood and out of breath. You don’t need to say anything to each other, the clown prince’s eyes always do the talking for him. 
  • He picks you up and swings you over his shoulder, grabbing your ass and squeezing slightly as he makes his way to the back room of the club. The room has been here since the beginning, with a bed that Joker and Harley used to visit before they even had kids.
  • He throws you on the bed and you land on your back, putting your feet up to his belt and unbuckling with your toes.
  • He wastes no time and grabs your ankles and spreads your legs apart. He runs his hands up your thighs, leaving bloody fingerprints on your skin. 
  • He lifts your dress up and admires the tattoo on your abdomen that he gave to you. He thinks about the new tattoo he can give you were everyone can see it.
  • He traces it with his tongue as he slides your panties off, he doesn’t want to take his attention away from you so you struggle to get them off your legs yourself. 
  • He enjoys watching you squirm as he hovers over you and moves towards your face. He uses his thumb to wipe your red lipstick across your cheek. You use your finger to wipe some off yourself then spread on his lips.
  • You run your fingers through his green hair and pull the locks down so they’re hanging in front of his eyes.
  • He takes a moment to breath and forget his anger, reminding himself that he is the clown prince and he won’t let anyone take you from him. Admitting to himself that he might not ever let you leave him on your own.
  • You push his leather jacket off his shoulders and let his own gold chains around his neck drop down. He rips the front of your dress open and their cold touch on your breasts gives you goose bumps all over.
  • He refuses to let you be on top, wanting to feel in control and possessing the entire time.
  • When he’s first inside of you he holds still and stares deep in your eyes so you can feel him, he get’s excited just on the idea that he is in you and you’re not going anywhere.
  •  He takes your chin in his hand and kisses your lips. Telling you to remember who’s girl you are without saying a word. 
  • After each thrusts he stops so you both can feel each other, remembering how the fight started and letting all his insecurities wash away.
  • You put your hand on his chest and over his heart, feeling it beating and reminding him that he may be the clown prince but he is still human. He is more in touch with that side than his father.
  • You wrap your legs around his back and pull his head into your neck, letting him have control but loving to feel like you possess him too. Realizing you really are made for each other.
  • He cums inside of you, the idea of being a part of you and owning you making him finish.
  • You finishing on the idea of him loving you own you.
  • You can see the anxiety the blood is giving him, his bursts of anger always give him a high but after he begins to regret them.
  • You both go to the shower where you wash the blood off of each other and make love again.
Jokers Daughter Headcanons: Jealousy

Request: (anonymous) Can I request headcanons for Joker being a really over the top insanely jealous dad with CP dating and boys around her?

  • Joker sits dead eyed in the club watching the men in the crowd, clutching the top of his cane so hard his hands might bleed, ready to stop any man that goes near his daughter threatening his alpha male role.
  • When he see’s a man approach her in the club he forces his body in between the two of them knocking the guy out of the way, as he begs Joker for mercy the goons carry him away for the torture session late.
  • Joker carves a smile into the face of a man who was undressing her with his eyes, so he remembers every time he looks in the mirror that he’s not worthy of Joker heir.
  • If he tries to dance up no her all the people see are flashes of his green hair and blood against the lights as he slaughters the guy.
  • He pays his bartender extra to slip arsenic into the drinks any man who makes a move on her orders and the bartender, scared shitless, does as he’s told.
  • During a business meeting he wants her seated right next to him so his mind isn’t distracted with where she could be while he’s working.
  • He likes to keep his hand in her lap while she plays with his bracelets because it has a calming affect on him and signals to the men there who she is.
  • When they’re walking down the street or anywhere in public he always has his hand around her shoulder and holding her firmly next to him so no one grabs her, while showing the world she’s his girl.
  • Harley has to hold him back when they see her talking to a boy, her noticing that her daughter made the first move.
  • The clown princess doesn’t even flinch when she hears gunfire, after growing accustomed to her dad firing right across her out the car window to kill men who catcall her.
  • The goons know not to go near her after one helped her put on a coat and pulled her hair out of the collar to help and Joker slit his throat on the spot. Going crazy at the sight of another person touching his baby’s hair.
  • Joker keeps a loaded, golden AK-47 on one side and his purple knife on the other side as he sits across from the boy who came to pick her up for a date.
  • While his daughter is still getting ready, Joker grabs the boy by the throat and squeezes until he almost passes out, leaving bruises all along his neck just as a taste of what he will do.
  • He doesn’t let them go anywhere without his henchmen following one car behind and his own tracking device put into her phone.
  • When she comes home from her date, Joker kisses her forehead or cheek leaving a red lipstick marl, making sure he was the last man to touch her before bed.
  • Joker catches her sneaking out to the club in her mother’s gold and black dress, he swings his long purple coat around her and picks her up around the waist off her feet and carries her himself to his car.
  • He goes back inside and captures all the men that where watches her dance in the glass box and strings them up in the back like meat, he gouges out their eyeballs and feeds them to each other for thinking they had the right to look at her.
  • If he see’s her looking at a boy she likes he’ll turn her chin gently with his hand to face him so he has her attention, then puts his smile tattoo over her face making her laugh.
  • When a boy sends flowers to the house for her, Joker answers the door and sets them and the delivery person on fire before ordering his own flowers for her three times the size.
  • The clown princess constantly moves her date’s hand off her leg when he’s trying to be romantic, knowing from experience if her dad catches them he’ll cut the boy’s hand off.
  • Without his daughter’s knowledge, Joker finds her boyfriend and puts him through hours of psychological manipulation and interrogation until he cracks. Joker proudly acts as his daughter’s shoulder to cry no as she wonders why the boy ditched their date later on.
  • When she’s out Joker sits on the couch not taking his eyes off his phone or finger off the trigger of his gun, waiting for her to call that something is wrong so he can be her knight in bloody armor there to save the princess.
  • Joker watches her leave the club to jump in the car with him and slamming his head up against the window to get his frustration out when he see’s men’s eyes following her.
  • Joker’s thoughts get the best of him while she’s out one night, he storms her date and carries her away while his goons beat the life out of the boy.
  • He drives her home in the lamborghini thinking he’s rescued her, but notices her crying and feels a shiver run down his spine and an ache in his chest, the most human thing he’s felt.
  • She breaks down about how she wishes she could date and he wasn’t so overbearing, Joker wants to make her happy but absolutely refuses to accept that she’d be any other man but his.
  • He uses his master manipulation to his advantage and takes her to Ace Chemicals, the place where his love Harley was created.
  • He says that he loves her so much that he wants her to have that same love him and her mother share, promising that he only does what he does to the bad men he knows will never treat her the right way and aren’t good enough.
  • As he lies more to her she embraces him in a hug and forgives him, he holds on tight and kisses the top of her head even more prideful that his plan worked. Still the alpha male in her life and never planning to give it up.

violet97626  asked:

(Have sent as a message but still ask😉)For oneshot I got an idea. May be a little stupid😂.I'd like to see J and Harleen deal with other inmates' documents together.Really wanna see J's sharp comments on other patients, especially Pam. 😂Up to you!

Oh such a good idea! I can already imagine the Joker scrolling through the files whilst Harley tries to tackle them off him. 


- M 💙

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anonymous asked:

oooo Me likey that baring one! How about sebs, claude, undertaker and joker with a heavily prego S/o (Like their tummy is so big that they can't even see their feet big)?


He’s protective, but not over the top, so while he keeps an eye on his s/o as they move around and do things, he lets them do what they want to do and helps them in unobvious ways


not overprotective at all, if they want to go out alone to shop, he lets them, but he does look at his phone every five seconds to see if they need help and already prepares dinner for them


basically demands to carry his s/o around, he’s heard enough horror stories in the past and doesn’t want to have anything happen to his s/o, they may fight as much as they want to, but he’s carrying them


Hellishly scared something bad will happen, he follows them around and keeps asking if they think something is wrong, his s/o thinks it’s adorable though, so they let him and tell him to calm down every time

Gotham Rogues, a summary:

Joker: Edgy™
Harley Quinn: a better version of Edgy™
Poison Ivy: lesbian gardener
Catwoman: better than you
The Riddler: gay question mark
Mad Hatter: if emo was a person
Two-Face: it’s not a phase!!!
Scarecrow: spooky scary skeletons
Killer Croc: nice lizard man
Bane: do you even lift, bro
Penguin: i said a bird bird bird is the word
Deadshot: bang bang bitch
Mr. Freeze: deserved better
Clayface: dramatic pile of mush
Hush: white privilege