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Joker x Reader - Oneshot Request - Frost’s Secret

Ok, so this was a request I got from an anon:

Hey i really love your stories you’re a very talented writer! I was wondering if you could write something where the reader is frosts daughter (around 18) and the joker finds out about her and becomes obsessed?

The last few days I’ve been quite distracted and tired thanks to exams etc. but I felt like I ought to finally tackle this request. It’s a bit shorter and less detailed than usual, but if anyone (including the requestee) wants me to redo it with more detail, or carry it on further, I’d be more than happy to do so, but I’ll just leave it until I feel I can properly tackle it - which’ll probably be in a few days i.e. the weekend!

Hope you like it anyway! (sorry if its a bit disappointing)

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You tried not to shriek, you really did, but with the first shock of someone appearing in the living room, and the second shock of realising just who it was, you were really tested in your ability to hold back any sound from your mouth and you couldn’t help letting out a pathetic whimper. “Oh – oh god.” You whispered quietly to yourself, your eyes glued on the back of the figure directly in front of you who was stood in the middle of the living room area of your flat.

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Thoughts on BatmanxJoker

I honestly didn’t even notice how canon the Batman and Joker pairing is. Most likely due to a lack of research or lack of purchased comic books. But the more I research, the more I find, and the evidence supporting this couple is practically endless. The games, the comics, the movies, the shows. It’s just about everywhere.

Although of course there are a lot of different versions too, some have him more interested in Harley than others. It’s one of those things, you can pick and choose the version/versions of the characters that you prefer.

But even so, there is a LOT of Joker and Batman when added up. Some of these comic pages and scenes are downright romantic and beautiful. Others are just sexy. I just love those love/hate relationships, especially one as intense as this!

I’ve been in a few love/hate relationships, it seems to be my style, to seek out people who drive me insane, and challenge me. I can understand how the Joker and Batman feel towards each other. It’s such a RUSH, so thrilling, so bad and crazy, yet so good. The best thing you could ever feel. Without it, everything is bland, you feel so empty. It’s really fun to have someone who you can both love and hate at the same time, without losing them. Although the only way you won’t lose them is if they’re willing to play the game, too…if they’re just as crazy as you are!


He felt for the first time, as an actor, that he was like “I’m untouchable. Every scene I do with any other actor, it doesn’t matter how amazing they are. I’m controlling and leading these scenes.” He was so confident, and he was so proud of that role. He was really excited for that film to come out. He was… it was the first time I’d heard him in a long time being excited about, like, “this role I’ve nailed it.” - Trevor DiCarlo