p: john callen

I (and my tiny Legolas) had the pleasure of meeting John Callen when I went on my LotR tour in New Zealand in March. He’s an awesome guy – super nice, great sense of humor, and totally took me seriously when I mentioned my interest in acting. He told me it’s never too late to try, and his encouragement helped get me through a successful audition for and production of Macbeth here in Tokyo. 

Happy Birthday, John!

John Callen receives the fanbook!

And here we are! A big thank-you to the dear -Madara-, who was again so kind to take these pictures. Geez, I was so nervous once again, when I gave John Callen the book. 

His line during the autograph session was rather long, but you know, John is a really kind man and took his time talking to the fans, which was really lovely. When I gave him the book he didn’t say anything in the beginning, just looked at the cover for a while. Perhaps he tried to spot Óin in the group or he tried to spot every single dwarf, who knows? 

Anyway, because of the long line he wasn’t given the chance to have a really close look, but he saw the wonderful drawing of Thorin and the boys by @saraduvall. He then thanked me and turned to the staff member sitting next to him. I can only guess what he meant with it, but he almost verbatim asked: “can I do …, while having a look at it?”

He then thanked me once again, saying that the book absolutely made his day and his experience brighter. And basically, that’s the story of how John Callen received the fanbook. A big shout out to all the contributors, who made this project possible!

If you are interested in the story of how Jed Brophy received his copy, you will have to wait, until @inja-y-ddraig can tell you something about it, since she gave the other book away. :)

And please excuse the slightly blurry pictures, my poor photographer was dying in her Kíli armour.

Hobbitcon in a nutshell

- Hobbitcon * sassy 2 fingers with my eyes * Zwei

- Adam’s Left testicle

- Suss ( Sweet/cute in German )

- Dean’s Giraffe

- Ich Bin Klaus

- Meegan ( me again )

- * squeling * Fiyaah

- Lots of kissing

- Stephen’s Unicorn

- Dean’s Smeagol impression ( and fucking nailing it )

- Pretty the much the whole game show

- Feeling * strangely aroused *

- John and Peter Crashing a panel to “ Clean the floor” and then fight over who gets to clean what

- Singing Misty Mountains again

- Like a jungfrau 

- Dean’s Aiden impression 

- Lots of beer, Parties and Selfies