p: jessica lange


“She devoted her life’s energy to creating the character of Joan Crawford. Always beneath that is Lucille LeSueur, and that became what was so fascinating to play, whether it was just under the surface, just in a gesture or a glance behind the eyes or whatever, that character was always there….She was a great beauty, but she really worked hard. I don’t know anybody that worked harder than Joan Crawford. To be Joan Crawford and to sustain this career and to create this kind of iconic mythology? There’s a lot to admire about her, especially when you think about what she had to overcome, where she came from….I’ve never seen her as being monstrous at all. We did all that research–I read the four biographies, her own books, and hundreds of interviews–and no one ever said anything but kind things about her. I don’t want to comment on mothers and daughters [and the relationship described in Mommie Dearest], because within any family there’s always a part of a relationship that no one outside can ever understand. But from everything I’ve read, it seems impossible that the woman was as monstrous as she was made out to be.“ –Jessica Lange