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Winn Schott could potentially be one of the most dangerous characters on Supergirl

You read that right. Winn could be really terrifying if he wanted to be. And if what we’re seeing is foreshadowing, he could become a serious threat to the team. – SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN SEASON 2 –

- He’s an absolute genius, capable of learning alien language and technology (as we’ve seen with him learning Kryptonian and figuring out how to work a portal into space). He could figure out how to do things that earthly forces might not be at all prepared for.

- He knows the weaknesses and strengths of each team member. He would have no problem finding ways to use that to his advantage, both scientifically and emotionally.

- His father is Toyman. He already sympathizes with a villain, it would make it easy for him to get into that mindset. He’s also mentioned before how he’s concerned that one day, he’ll end up just like his father. (Foreshadowing???)

- He once created a nasty virus that damaged Indigo on accident, imagine what he could do on purpose and with harmful intentions.

- He knows DEO secrets and weapon technology like the back of his hand. He could easily formulate hacks, viruses, weapons, etc to combat whatever they think they have up their sleeves.

These are only the reasons that would make him dangerous in theory. But why would a sweet, silly, nerdy tech guy ever become a villain? I’ve got reasons for that too.

- As mentioned before, his father is a villain. He fears it might run in his blood. That itself is a huge hint toward the plot twist in question. And even if it doesn’t run in his blood, he’s still gone through some serious traumatic events. He could have some mental and emotional issues that he never worked out. One more thing gone wrong, it could send him down a dark path.

- He’s underappreciated, and overworked. Really, how much has he done for the team compared to the appreciation he gets? He’s created numerous gadgets and come up with many solutions for the team with hardly a thank you. I know they recognize that he’s incredibly smart, but I don’t see them encouraging him like he does for them and they do for each other. Winn needs a pep talk every now and then, too. (And I’m not saying they do nothing for him, they helped him find Lyra and have encouraged him on occasion, but they don’t put in as much effort for him as he does for them, it wears a person down living like that. He could get fed up one day and turn on them.)

- Nothing seems to go his way. His childhood was, well… yeah. His love for Kara blew up in his face (granted he probably should have gone about it differently). His relationship with Lyra was based on a lie and he was being used. She treated him horribly when he told her that her teaming up with Guardian wasn’t working. James keeps pushing him into situations that compromise him emotionally. His friendships with everyone seem to have fizzled out as they all went off with their own things (Kara with Mon-el, James with Guardian etc.) I could go on forever. While none of that is an excuse for any horrible behavior, it’s all enough to make a person angry and bitter, which can lead to evil actions.

- We’ve seen this before: Good guy gone bad. (Killer Frost, Savitar, and e1 Harrison Wells on The Flash, Rip Hunter for a while on Legends of Tomorrow for a few examples). CW has no issue taking characters we love and turning them against us. CW is the real villain, why do I put up with this?

- It happens in the comics. Winn Schott Jr. becomes Toyman after his father dies in prison. CW doesn’t always follow comic book canon, but it’s there and they might choose to go with it.

- And one real-life reason, Jeremy Jordan misses theater. If he really wanted to leave Supergirl and go back on stage, they could easily wrap up his spot on the show by turning him into a villain and either slowly showing less of him, Supergirl defeating him and he gets arrested, or (fingers crossed this never happens) he gets killed.

So are we going to see Winn turn to the Dark Side, even just for a little bit? Maybe, or maybe I’m over thinking things (no thanks to a certain friend. You know who you are). We could even see the opposite of this and see Winn rise above his struggles and be a stronger and better person from it all, maybe even using his skills to be a hero instead of the villain I’m afraid of. He could easily be an unstoppable force of good, given the opportunity. But if we do see him become evil, I hope they do it right and make the change in him be emotional and dramatic, let us see that the pain has been building up inside him until it boils over instead of it being sudden and unexplainable. I know either way, it’ll be absolutely shocking, heartbreaking, and very interesting to see how the team will go about fighting someone who was once their friend.

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20 facts you may not know about Newsies

1. The Broadway production was originally scheduled for limited 12-week run of 105 performances. Because the musical was so popular the show stayed open on Broadway. In the end Newsies had 1,005 performances and stayed two and half years on Broadway.

2. The songs “My Lovey Dovey Baby” and “High Times Hard Times” were feautured in the movie, but did not appear in the stage version.

3. Alan Menken and Jack Feldman wrote six entirely new numbers for the stage version of Newsies. The Songs “The Bottom Line”, “That’s Rich”, “Don’t Come A-Knocking”, “Watch What Happens” , “Brooklyn’s Here” and “Something to Believe In” we’re not featured in the movie but they die appear in the stage version.

4. The movie characters of Sarah Jacobs (Davey and Les’s sister and Jack’s original love interest) and the New York Sun reporter Brian Denton are replaced in the show by Katherine Plumber.

5. The Broadway production cost about $5 million.

6. Newsies recouped its initial investment of $5M in 7 months, becoming the fastest of any Disney musical on Broadway to turn a profit.

7. The characters in Newsies are not based on specific characters from history. The characters are based on a mix of traits from real life newsies and the writers imagination.

8. There are five microphones lining the edge of the stage and three additional microphones attached to the Deli tables. They decide to do this so that all of the tap dancing is heard during the dance break of “King of New York”.

9. The 16 newspapers that feature in the dance break of “Seize the Day” are scored in advance to separate down the middle easily and consistently.

10. There are approximately 150 newspapers used every performance, specifically printed with the headline “Trolley Strike Enters Third Week.” These papers are carefully cared for, to avoid tearing, so they can be used for multiple performances.

11. The 11 newspaper bundles at the newsstand and in the fight scene are foam-filled with a paper outer layer. They did that to avoid injury and reduce the amount of paper used in the show.

12. 42 sheets of paper are danced on or torn during the riot sequence each night during the song “Seize the day”. These single-use sheets are either recycled or given to audience members during the show.

13. Crutchie’s song “Letter from the Refuge” was added for national tour and was also featured in the live filmed version.

14. Newsies was nominated for 8 Tony Awards and won 2 including best Choreography.

15. The official Newsies Facebook page reached 100,000 fans before the show opened on Broadway.

16. Jeremy Jordan left the musical on September 4 due to his commitments with Smash.

17. Corey Cott who replaced Jeremy Jordan, was already his alternate in August due to Jordan’s production requirements for Smash.

18. The three-day release of Newsies: filmed live on stage grossed $3.47 million.

19. When the stage musical opened at the Papermill in 2011 the theater did a fan day when fans could come to the theater to meet the cast. A lot of the cast members from the original movie attended the event and got to talk to their fans.

20. The former Newsies have reunited every single year in a Variety Show! at 54below. They had a show in 2014, 2015, 2016 and will reunite in 2017. Exactly one year from closing, cast members from the touring company will return on October 2.


If you were surprised by Jeremy’s vocals in the musical ep, y’all need to watch this. It’s literally the best thing of life and has been my favorite thing for a while now.