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Jennifer Lawrence is getting A Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2018.

Taraji P. Henson, Zoe Saldana, Jack Black and more are also part of the walk’s class of 2018

Highly possible FOX is behind Jen’s star as part of their marketing campaign considering she will be in 2 of their movies next year 

Read who else is getting one (X)





So let me get this straight:

  • On June 15th  she’s spotted emerging in NYC since her emergency landing by the Daily Mail
  • And then again on June 16th in Central park (wearing two different outfits btw)
  • Then she flies out of of New York to parts unknown
  • But hold on! Not so fast! Just Jared is telling us this is the “first time” we’ve seen her?? And now she’s flying INTO NY? 

So yeah, let’s believe everything we see from the media and gossip rags because they’re always 100% telling the truth. 


I think everybody is looking for a big, philosophical advice – but it’s always the simplest advice that has the biggest impact. As women we have a duty to be kind to each other and to build each other up. That’s the stuff that really matters. Be good friends, be loyal friends, be the friends that everybody knows they can count on.