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In the End  - Jc Caylen #1

Pairing: Jc Caylen x Reader

Word count: 568

Warning: jealous Jc, jealous Reader, cutie Jc and fluff

Request: Hiii! so I was wondering if you could do an imagine of Jc Caylen, where y/n and Jc are dating, and y/n is teasing him and making him jealous by flirting or whatever, and he decides to do the same to y/n for revenge. And in the end you both makeup bc neither of you can take it anymore and it’s all cute and fluffy and ahhh I would love you! So if you get time, that’d be awesome xx

Mentions: Kian Lawley, Bobby Mares, Corey LaBarrie, Dominic DeAngelis and Franny Arrieta

A/N: I hoped you liked the imagine, there will be more imagines coming soon, I have exams coming up soon so I won’t be updating as much now. [Aug 6th ‘17]. Please feel free to request! If you wanted to be tagged in imagines, please message me! Please also check out my masterlist! X

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