p: jb

Got7 Reaction - Their S/O 'Being a Sarcastic Bitch Sometimes'

Mark ~ Mark would find it quite funny and often times go along with your antics and bad attitudes.

Jb ~ Jb would also find it entertaining whenever you would tell him off for a small reason. Although you may want to be careful not to irritate Jaebummie too much cuz he could very well lose his temper.

Jackson ~ Jackson would find it sooo cute and funny. He’d always do aegyo to get you to stop being such a bitch.
“Fuck off I’m sleeping”
“Babyy, wouldn’t you rather cuddle thoooo”

Jinyoung ~ Jinyoung would be sassy right back at ya. You two would often times get into petty arguments over ridiculous things, but you get over it.

Youngjae ~ Youngjae would [much like Jackson] do aegyo and would often times get you out of a bad mood.

Bam Bam ~ Bam would be the one to make you bitchy and sarcastic in the first place. What can I say, that boi dabs too much for you.

Yugyeom ~ Yugyeom would be soo cute about it. He’d be slightly taken aback at first at your sarcastic remarks, but would get used to it.

Boyfriend! Jackson Wang

~ Well first of all, you two would meet in some weird and/or embarrassing way
~ you’d like spill coffee or tea on him rushing to work
~ Bad circumstances
~ But you had gotten his phone number, promising to buy him a new shirt, considering you ruined the one
~ You two would start texting and it’d eventually get serious and you’d start dating
~ Jackson would be very entertaining
~ You’d never be bored whenever you’re around him
~ Great mood maker/lifter
~ Always calling him (daddy) when you’re bored
~ Having dates at your houses
~ just watching Netflix and cuddling on Fridays became a tradition for you two
~ His hyungs would be v v proud that he met someone like you
~ Jackson would be gr8 in bed
~ He’d probably have a daddy/oppa kink
~ “Babygirl”
~ Jackson’s very muscular and healthy
~ probably has fantastic stamina