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(40) Dean Winchester’s Journal – Entry #1


I have no idea when you’ll be able to write in this journal again, you know…considering. I guess that when you come back, you’ll be happy I added a couple of new entries and that I did the best I could to carry on. I’m a Man of Letters too, after all. I’m “legacy” and it’s my duty to keep this journal up-to-date. However, unlike you, I don’t have any talent for writing whatsoever, so I hope you’ll forgive me.

This.  And the rest.

Oh, you know,  just a few little things like lying, crushing your trust after my dramatic monologue about the importance of family, letting Evil personified take possession of your body, being responsible for the death of Kevin, among other stuff. I could argue as usual that I did it for the Greater Good but it’s not going to work, huh? Damn, this “I did it for the Greater Good” excuse again. You and I should trademark this cliché and make it the Winchester family’s motto.

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