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“Stopping them in their tracks! The 52-year-old actor looked the ultimate action man as he disarmed an unknown assailant, while flanked by a number of gun-toting officers”

Rupert was spotted in the behind the scenes of Lucky Man on London with the actor James Nesbitt, but unfortunately the DailyMail did not mention him on the article. So bad DailyMail… So bad. 😐

My good friend @5thinvictus sent me the pics this morning (thank you!) and both of us saw the same thing. The Strain FX fans… Can you tell me what is curious about it?? 😀

DailyMail Source

Top 15 Hobbit cast members as voted by fans: Number twelve 

“There is good and there is great evil in this story. So it’s timeless, the notion of that. But mind that to Peter Jackson’s inventiveness. His mind, which see… Who can see through a child’s… Can see what a child thinks, and knows how to make that come alive. With the technical wizardry, I think you’re gonna see things that you’ve never seen before in film. I think you’re gonna believe in the characters. I think you’re gonna feel for them. I think you’re going to go with them on every step of the journey, particularly with Bilbo. I think you want to find out what happens, and to get you there, I think you’ll go through heartache and horror, through wonder and majesty. Whatever age you are, walk in, trying to remember the sense of all you had as a child. I think hopefully you will leave with that all firmly in place.” - James Nesbitt