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I’m still yelling about this chapter!? It’s obvious how much Touka loves Kaneki (platonic, romantic, whatever) and it’s the sweetest thing! There’s no trope I love more than a person loving someone else with no expectation of anything in return! Touka just wants Kaneki to have a home! She just wanted to see him while he was gone to be sure he was alright! aidoiewjoiefoifoihfor!!!!!!!

Touka’s been taught time and again that people don’t come home. She’s been taught that people leave her. She’s been shown by the whole world that all of her relationships will eventually come to end. She fought that FOR YEARS by isolating herself, by pushing people away pre-emptively, or by taking out any threats that entered the scene. The fact that she’s grown to accept this as a reality is amazing! 

By accept I don’t even mean “oh no woe is me everyone leaves” but rather Touka simply…facing it when it comes. Allowing for the possibility without it dragging her down. Enjoying what she has while she has it. 

Though Ishida has a lot of Christian overtures in his work while talking about martyrdom and saviours and evil incarnate, all the true lessons in his work, all the lessons learned by the people who are stable, are Buddhist ideologies. It’s a really cool contrast and all the Kirishimas embody it.

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Hello I love this tumblr blog ! And why not Valls with his baby Macron with a lot of affection and m&m's ! Thank you

Here you go anon#19 ! I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to draw them with real m&m’s or not so I decided to do that anyways x) Also “baby Macron” somehow made me think of a spoiled kid, so that’s where this idea came from :P

It continues under the cut :P

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  • Regina: oh man I miss Robin
  • Regina: like I reeaaaally miss Robin
  • Regina: I am so miserable without him
  • Regina: it's been six weeks wherein I have missed him consistently
  • Regina:
  • Regina: hey Emma
  • Regina: you know stuff about this world right?
  • Regina: do you think you could, I dunno, track Robin down? Find a phone number or something?
  • Emma: well yes that's my job
  • Emma:
  • Emma:
  • Emma: I don't know why this did not occur to me before
  • Emma: like say, the first time you told me you missed him
  • Emma: six weeks ago
  • Regina:
  • Regina: yes well I've always said that you are not the brightest Miss Swan
  • Emma: oh yeah it's a good thing you thought of it right away
  • Regina: shut up