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Harry Styles may finally be the one to get a tip of the cap from the Recording Academy, thanks to a well-received debut album that serves up the type of guitar-driven song craft that the Grammys typically adore. Don’t expect an album of the year nod, but Styles’ single “Sign of the Times” has endured in the top 40 of the Hot 100, and with its well-produced Bowie vibes, a song of the year inclusion isn’t out of the question. 
—  Billboard.

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oh dang, going through tags and stuff and post/97784442564 has such an interesting style compared to your stuff right now

oh my god this is old…its actually not too bad? it would be fun to redraw sometime. thanks!

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do you think roxy ever picked up one of the mutant cats and pressed her face to its belly to feel it breathing and feel it's heart beat and how warm and alive it is?? the cats aren't human but they're alive and it's almost the same. do you think she ever does that to the other alphas during their session? just. hugs jane too tight and presses her ear to jane's chest because it's so weird to just. be able to do that. they're alive and THERE. how long do you think she hugged dirk for

this is the best anon i’ve ever recieved, thank you

also, absolutely, and 10 whole minutes