p: hs


so its christmas now

okay i get the idea of the trolls accommodating to human ways but hear me out

dave adjusting to being nocturnal in the troll kingdom because that’s when karkat is up

dave taking aesthetic photos of the sunrise at the end of a long day

dave and karkat having to condition themselves into sleeping at night on the days before they have plans to meet up with their friends

karkat slowly persuading dave to wear his sunglasses less when they’re on their own because it’s so bad for his eyes to wear them in the dark

karkat waking up to find the bed empty and he sees dave sat on the balcony relishing in the sun, and smiling because despite how much dave loves the heat he gave it up without a second thought if it meant spending more time with him 

One fateful day in 2009, Andrew Hussie was waking down the streets of New York City, when a crying little girl came up to him and said “I want to make a webcomic like you!” And he told her to be true to herself and she could accomplish anything. But before he could finish speaking, the little girl had stolen his wallet, phone, and character designs right out of his purse and ran away. That girl, as u may have already guessed, grew up to be Michelle Czjakowski, the author and illustrator of Ava’s Demon