p: hiddles

Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #80
  • Loki: You know this is wonderful! This a tremendous idea! Let's steal the biggest, most obvious ship in the universe and escape in that! Flying around the city, smashing into everything in sight and everyone will see it! It's brilliant, Thor! It's truly brillian—!!
  • Thor: *(hurls Loki out of the Harrow)*
  • Loki: *(plummets; crashes onto Skiff; does a fancy forward roll, a slick spin and swiftly gets back up again)*
  • Loki:
  • Loki: I meant to do that.
  • Loki: *(licks the back of his hand and smooths down his hair)*

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much of a gorgeous, perfect man Tom Hiddleston is 😍👌