p: help i've fallen

I don’t know why but I have such a strong image of Hux with a lightsaber stepping in front of a fallen Kylo Ren, ready to fight anyone threatening the man he loves.

“You want him? Come and get him.”

And he would see the Resistance and the ‘light’ as just that, threats to the world he and Kylo are destined to rule together.

Meanwhile, Kylo’s blood is spreading on the ground as he stares up at his savior, struck by awe and wonder.

Hux the Sith knight and Snoke’s secret weapon!AU, anyone?


Baby red panda surprise.

Pretty much just died of laughter

Xiao Long probably married a Willowy Poet Boyfriend and he wrote all the accounts of the old wars and that’s why future generations remember Xiao Long as this noble, fierce, fiery protector because that’s how he saw her. 

“Babe tell me about the time you punched a dragon in the face”

“you were there for that one, silly”

“I know but I like the way you tell it”