p: hank green


so, as you all know, and for the people that don’t know, some shit went down at vidcon yesterday. here is a list of everything that i know happened yesterday. 

- everyone thought dnp got mobbed and the whole phandom lost there shit there for a few minutes but it was actually ricegum. 

- at about 7 pm the night of community started and quite a few people performed at the night of community and said some stuff. 

- first off to perform was tre melvin

- second was tessa violet singing word’s ain’t enough and not over you

- third was hank green

- fourth was john green and elmo

- fifth was aysha abdul

- sixth was markiplier explaining why he loved space so much (i cried tbh)

- seventh was madilyn bailey singing shape of you and congratulations

- eighth was the try guys performing different videos throughout the years and doing impressions of youtubers like jacksepticeye and pewdiepie. and most important of all impersonating dan and phil while almost making out on stage ( i hate them i really do) 

- and last but not least, dan and phil being complete idiots, missing there flight because dan lost his passport and best of all, yelling at each other on stage. 

10 years of Vlogbrothers!!

Thank you for everything, John and Hank <3 Here’s to many more years! Hard to imagine what life would be like without the Vlogbrothers!

I’ve been wanting to do a nerdfighter collage for ages (I’ve started making yearly ones a while back)

Looking forward to celebrating Nerdfighteria IRL at Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria next month!

(I was supposed to finish this a month ago, but…life, y’know?)