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So today was THE DAY!!! Went to CollectiveCon and met the absolutely AMAZING Graham McTavish!!! He is the nicest, sweetest, and sexiest man EVER!!!! These are just a few of the pics from today! May be more when I come down from the Graham McHotty high that I am on right now!!!! I am just…..AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH OMG DO YOU SEE WHO I AM STANDING NEXT AND TOUCHING?!?!?!?!?!? LOL! But, seriously, he really is just an awesome, warm, funny, kind, talented human being and I cannot wait to see him again!!!

Imagine Pretending to Be Deadweight in Dwalin's Arms

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Drabbles and Imagines

“Lass,” Dwalin growls as you lean away from him.

The company laughs at your antics, including Thorn. You had a knack for picking on Dwalin and you were currently wrapped in his arms pretending to be dead.

“I’m dead, Dwalin. I can’t move,” you say throwing your body back.

“Dead people don’t talk,” he growls again.

“I do- ahh,” you let out a little scream as you feel yourself dropping before being grabbed again. Dwalin straightens you and lets out a laugh as you pout.

“I just saw my life flash before my eyes,” you mutter.

“That’ll teach you not to mess with me,” he states before walking away and pretending not to notice you sticking your tongue out at him.

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Good thing Graham is wearing a sporran in the Graham/Sam hug gif, otherwise we might be watching a sword fight!!!!

It’s a GOOD thing we missed out on a Sam/Graham sword fight?

Please come back when you learn to love yourself and accept good, utterly perverted things into your heart. I’ll be flouring my rolling pin until then.

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